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AHC senior living rehab holds parade for their residents

Some family members see loved ones for first time in weeks

MAYOR LEADS PARADE – Mayor Marvin Sikes greets Merl Miller while Betty Boone and CNA Nicole Frasier wave to the participates during the parade held at AHC Humboldt last Tuesday.

by Mindy East

Local healthcare facility residents got to enjoy a drive through parade of family members and the community last Tuesday.

With recent shut downs of healthcare facilities, activities coordinator Leeann Polasek wanted to do something for her residents at AHC Humboldt and their families.

Since the beginning of March, all visitors have been restricted within the facility due to the coronavirus.  Many of the residents look forward to having family members and/or guests visit. Just seeing a familiar, friendly face brings delight and comfort.

“Times are hard right now, they don’t understand why visitors aren’t allowed inside,” said Polasek. “It’s even harder on the family members. Some of them have not been able to see their loved ones since the shutdown started.”

PARADE ATTENDEES – Everyone enjoyed the parade last Tuesday at AHC Humboldt. Therapist Jean Schultz waved onto the participates while Minnie Stewart (left) and Loanna Chance (right) displayed uplifting words to their families.

So Polasek contacted family members, friends, community members and leaders and invite them to do a drive through parade. The residents that wanted to participate were wheeled outside with posters and flags to await the arrival of some familiar faces. Vehicles full of families, friends and members of the community lined up in the church parking lot next door with balloons, ribbons and homemade signs hanging out the car windows.

Mayor Marvin Sikes led the parade through the parking lot in front of the facility with a Humboldt police cruiser and a chain of vehicles following behind. Lights were flashing, sirens blaring, horns honking with everyone cheering, waving and smiling. Some of the signs held by residents, thanked the parade attendees, some had uplifting words, there was even one of the residents holding a sign stating, “Northbrooke has Snoop… we want Luke Bryan and Friends.” The parade lasted about 15 minutes and ended with Humboldt Station #2 fire truck.     

“Everyone was excited to see their families and enjoyed the members of the community for helping make this difficult time a little more enjoyable,” said Polasek. “We appreciate every one that came out and helped make this such a success.”

Hopefully within the next few weeks, the shutdowns will expire, life can go back to somewhat normal and families can reunite with their loved ones. Until then, spread a little cheer. We are all in this together.

WE WANT LUKE – Audrey Cobb answers back to the recent sign that was displayed at the Northbrooke Nursing and Rehab parade.


LINE OF CARS – This line of cars drove throught the AHC parking lot last Tuesday during a parade for the residents. Many family member had not seen their loved ones for weeks

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