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Missing festival week, Pres. Langley makes best of sad situation

Parody video in the works showing what would have been

SAD FACES – Strawberry Festival President Betty Langley and the Berry mascot are bummed out this week, which would have been festival week had not the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Last week, Langley and the Berry went around to festival venues and made videos of the empty locations. Langley plans to make a parody video of the 2020 Strawberry Festival that did not happen.

by Danny Wade

Betty Langley has been waiting on this week for almost two years now. This week would be the week she leads the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival as president. But the coronavirus changed all that.

This was supposed to be one of the most exciting weeks of her life, but instead, the sadness of missing an entire Strawberry Festival weighs heavy on her heart. Now, she has to wait another year for the excitement.

Langley, who had been an educator for years, has that schoolteacher mentality and maps out everything—there’s a plan for this and a plan for that. But over the past few weeks looking through her personal calendar, reality set in. All of a sudden, Langley has a lot of time on her hands.

“Looking at my calendar and all the events—everybody wants to see the festival,” Langley said. “I want to have positive thoughts. It’s okay, let’s move forward.”

Being an upbeat personality, Langley decided not to ‘cry in her (proverbial) beer’, but instead decided to do something upbeat. What could be done pertaining to the festival (or lack of festival) to be fun and upbeat? People want something, she thought.

That got her brain churning and her wheels turning. Why not make a video using photos from last year’s festival events and pair them with videos of the Berry Mascot going around town to the various venues, only to find them empty.

“I thought about a little parody at each event,” Langley said of her plans. “It will be a fun video and pictures for last year. I contacted Hunter Trimmer (who has been the Berry Mascot in the past) and he was like, ‘Sure, it sounds fun’.”

Langley’s plan is to first show an event venue from last year with tons of people attending and having fun. Then show a video clip of the Berry at the venue this year, only to find it empty.

“I need something to fill my time—be useful,” Langley noted. “I hope this video will give people some piece of the Strawberry Festival and make them smile.”

As with any project, Langley said she hopes the video turns out like she envisions it in her mind. She expects to have the video done in a couple of week and post on the Strawberry Festival Facebook page and website, for everyone to see.

“Instead of sitting around crying with a lot of time on my hands not having a festival, I just wanted to do something fun, something Strawberry Festival related,” she said.

MOVIE PRODUCER – Betty Langley, Strawberry Festival President, videos the Berry mascot at the corner of Main St. and 22nd Ave., the location where festival parades begin. Langley is making a spoof video that will show what festival events typically look like compared to this year’s events that did not happen due to the coronavirus. Once completed, the video will be posted on the Strawberry Festival’s Facebook page as well as the festival website


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