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Local business decides to go ‘bear’ hunting

BEAR HUNTING – Erica Dolan (left) and Joan Smith of Coldwell Banker Creswell Realty decided to host a contest that is a take off of the popular bear hunting. They ask local children to post pictures of themselves with their bears Smith’s Facebook page. There are different categories and the winners will receive prizes.

by Danny Wade

With coronavirus dominating the news, people are finding ways of dealing with this life-altering time in history. They are forced to abide by social distancing, which is enough in itself. Then there’s businesses forced to close their doors to the public.

People are doing what they have to do—to both survive health wise, survive financially and survive mentally.

One local business decided to go bear hunting. No, they aren’t trekking through the northern tundra in search of a grizzly or black bear. Instead, they are keeping local people active, even if it’s from the comfort of their homes.

Danny and Joan Smith, along with Erica Dolan, decided to have a contest using teddy bears. They are doing what they can to keep people thinking positive thoughts and not constantly thinking gloom and doom.

“Let’s have a contest with our teddy bears,” as posted on her Facebook page, “All kids up to 10 years old are eligible to win, but everyone can play. All you have to do is post your picture in the comment section on our event Facebook page with your teddy bears.”

“Erica and I enjoyed seeing bears in the windows but thought how much fun it would be to see the smiling faces of the children with their bears,” Joan Smith said. “That’s why we wanted to share them on our Facebook page. This is a fun way to see all of the different colors, shapes and sizes of favorite bears that live in our community.”

When submitting pictures, make sure the child is in the picture with the bear(s). Pictures should be submitted on the “Events” section of their Facebook page.
Winners will receive prizes. The contest ends Thursday, April 9 at midnight.

The winning pictures will be featured in the Humboldt Chronicle newspaper. The first group of winners will be in the April 14 edition. The second group will be in the April 21 edition of the Chronicle.

“I love the idea about this contest because it brings out the kid in everyone during the stressful time,” Dolan noted. “What kid doesn’t love to have a teddy bear to hang out with?”

“During the last few weeks families have found new and different ways to spend time together and we hope they have enjoyed this one,” Danny Smith added. “We all know ‘social distancing” is not by choice and we’re all trying our best to deal with it. So we thought a way to connect would be a ‘bear’ contest to involve not only the children but the whole family.”

Since teddy bears come in all shapes, sizes and colors, the trio decided to have multiple categories for children to compete against one another. Categories included most bears, largest bear, smallest bear, most white bear, most brown bear, most bears in windows, oldest bear, unique bear, cutest bear and ugliest bear. With 10 categories, there are plenty of chances for kids to win.

“Thanks to everyone who participates,” Joan said. “We hope it will make you have a better day and a positive outlook of how precious life is.”

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