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McNeal refutes allegations, new court date set

Leon McNeal

Leon McNeal, a Humboldt alderman and a school board member, was in court last week. McNeal is facing disorderly conduct charges and was in Humboldt General Session Court on Wednesday, December 8.

McNeal had hired attorney Joe Tubbs as council.

Judge Mark Agee reset McNeal’s case for March 18, 2020. McNeal was ordered to have no contact with the prosecutor, Martha Shivers, and to have no other problems for 90 days.

McNeal told the Humboldt Chronicle that Shivers’ recollection of events was not accurate and said video evidence would prove it.

As earlier reported, McNeal was charged on November 18, 2019 after an altercation at a Humboldt fast food restaurant where he allegedly confronted Shivers who was having dinner with her daughter and young niece.

According to the criminal summons report filed by Shivers, McNeal followed her around the restaurant and got loud. He made accusations that his opponent in the recent school board election and one of his opponent’s supporters accepted money from a prominent businessman and other “white folks” to buy the election.

Shiver said to McNeal that he had won the election and should move forward. But McNeal would not let it go, saying, “No, it’s not about the kids; it’s personal,” according to the criminal summons.

After the November incident, Shivers filled a police report in reference to harassment. Humboldt police investigated and spoke to two staffers of the restaurant. Both workers said McNeal was disruptive and followed Shivers around the restaurant.

The police advised Shivers to go through the process of filing a criminal summons with the clerk and masters’ office, which she did.

McNeal has 90 days of no contact with Shivers and cannot have any other problems before his next court date.

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