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Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 09/30/2019 through 10/06/2019:

Garry Jerome Brown, 19, of Jackson, TN; Arrest date and location: 10/02/2019, 2008 Campbell; Charges: aggravated burglary, tampering with or fabricating evidence. Arresting officer: SGT Wilson.

Jameson Lamar Galloway, 20, of Humboldt, TN; Arrest date and location: 10/06/2019, 2412 Elliott; Charges: aggravated assault, resisting arrest/stop, halt, frisk, assault. Arresting officer: PTL.

Kevin Oneal Huddleston, 26, of Humboldt, TN; Arrest date and location: 10/03/2019, 580 Westside Dr.; Charges: picked up for other agency. Arresting officer: PTL Bowens.

Crystal Elaine Jones, 32, of Humboldt, TN; Arrest date and location: 10/03/2019, Regal Inn; Charges: driving w/o license, possession of drug paraphernalia, mfg/del/sell controlled substance, simple possession, violation of light law. Arresting officer: PTL Steward.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 09/30/2019 through 10/06/2019.

Robin Elaine Samples, w/f, 55 – capias, attachment order

Jeffrey Clark Tolley, w/m, 53 – hold for other agency

Carl Ray Turnbow, w/m, 73 – sex offender registry

Rodney Stigmond Turner, b/m, 55 – attachment order

Michael Dwayne West, w/m, 40 – fugitive from justice

John Allen Yarbrough Jr., w/m, 49 – domestic assault

Katie Alisa Barnett, w/f, 28 – violation of probation

Bobby Joe Bolin, w/m, 38 – viol. stop sign law, driving on revoked/suspended license

Marcus Dewayne Cole, b/m, 35 – attachment order

Carrie Fay Crawford, b/f, 47 – contributing to the dependency of a child

William Berl Doop, w/m, 39 – attachment order

Justin Walter Freeman, w/m, 39 – violation of probation

Billy Thomas Gateley, w/m, 41 – capias

Luann Hargis, w/f, 38 – contributing to the dependency of a child

Kevin Oneil Huddleston, b/m, 36 – capias

Lateesha Shunnea Matthews, b/m, 39 – attachment order

Nicholas Thomas Nolan, b/m, 38 – theft of property

Michael Alan Ring Jr., w/m, 33 – unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, illegal possession of firearm – domestic violence relat., attachment order, joyriding, theft of property

Michael Shane Anders, w/m, 35 – capias

Daniel Allen Bazinet 2nd, w/m, 43 – capias

Jonathan Kirk Blankenship, w/m, 30 – capias

Thomas Lee Brown Sr., b/m, 44 – violation of parole

Ronald Dale Dillaha, w/m, 61 – capias

Lesenda Malana Gregory, w/f, 27 – attachment order

Ronnie Johnson, b/m, 61 – driving on revoked/suspended license

Kenny Lyle Johnson, w/m, 37 – capias

Crystal Elaine Jones, b/f, 43 – capias, attachment order

Norman Christopher Larue, w/m, 43 – violation of parole

Jeremy Jonathan Nobles, w/m, 36 – capias

Alan Ray Price, w/m, 26 – manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamines

Carl Lathon Randle Jr., b/m, 27 – capias

Carmela Darlene Sexton, w/f, 58 – aggravated assault

Kevin Michael Small, b/m, 27 – attachment order

Aaron Devon Tate, b/m, 34 – violation of probation

Christopher William Wallsmith, w/m, 28 – capias


MSG Food Truck, Medina, complete inspection, 100 score

Little People’s Daycare, Trenton, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

South Gibson County High School Cafeteria, Medina, complete inspection, 100 score

Milan High School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 100 score

Yorkville School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 100 score

McDonald’s, Trenton, complete inspection, 94 score, one critical

Gibson County High School Cafeteria, Dyer, complete inspection, 100 score

Hog Wild BBQ, Milan, complete inspection, 87 score, two criticals

Spring Hill School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

La Lunada, complete inspection, 93 score, one critical

Milan Donuts, complete inspection, 80 score

Maria’s Mexican Grill, Milan, complete inspection, 74 score, five criticals

Kenton Elementary School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 94 score, one critical

Kenton Elementary School Cafeteria, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Sam’s BBQ, Humboldt, complete inspection, 94 score

McDonald’s, Trenton, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Trenton Rosenwald Middle School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 99 score

Hog Wild BBQ, Milan, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Milan Golf and Country Club Lounge, complete inspection, 93 score

Rutherford Elementary School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 100 score

La Lunada, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Dyer Elementary School Cafeteria, complete inspection, 93 score

Dyer Elementary School Cafeteria, follow-up inspection, 98 score

The Shack Shack BBQ, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Spring Hill Elementary School Cafeteria, follow-up inspection, 100 score

La Carreta Grill, Medina, complete inspection, 97 score


Najowan Raeshaun Miller of Dyer and Addison Bailey Nee of Dyer


Britney Bailey vs. Jimmy Bailey

Ashley Carol Crandall vs. Michael Dewayne Crandall

Kaundra Michelle Peck vs. Joseph Albert Peck

Kristina Louise Skinner vs. Carl Henry Skinner

Melissa Michelle Barnes Arnold vs. Edward Frank Arnold

Blanca Esthela Villalbos vs. Ramon Villalbos Valderrama

Nathaniel Welshenbaugh vs. Stephanie Welshenbaugh

Bethany Paige Turner vs. Jason C. Turner

Jeremy Aldon Russell vs. Sarah Jeanne Levy

Real Estate Transfers

Northwest Tennessee Property to Lauren Barkley Shell and husband, Chad Shell – Milan – $97,900

Kimberly Dawn Chandler and husband, Jessie Lee Chandler to Maranda Shane – Milan – $144,000

Jonathan Murphree to Barry Allen, d/b/a Barry Allen Construction – Milan – $26,200

Byron S. Broom and wife, Celia V. Broom to Christopher Vance and wife, Tracey L. Vance – Medina – $182,000

Ricky Rogers, Bobby Rogers and Billy Rogers, Representatives of the Estate of Joeanne Rogers and Ricky Rogers, Bobby Rogers and Billy Rogers to David Pennington – Medina – $15,000

Milan Health Care, Inc. to Lynn Arnold and wife, Joani Arnold – Milan – $ 145,000

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. to Maurice Stanley Evans and Joe Davis Evans – Humboldt – $116,000

Keith Hazlewood, Kody Hazlewood and Kristy Hazlewood Butler to Blake spellings and Richard Hopkins – Trenton – $64,000

Pennymac Loan Services, LLC to Richard Hopkins – Trenton – $ 65,000

Lauren Shell, f/k/a Lauren Barkley, to Kayla F. Lyell – Milan – $ 104,500

Thomas H. West, by and through Attorney-in-Fact Richard G. West, and Richard G. West to Hannah Keymon and husband, Seth Keymon – Milan – $103,000

Gail Brumit, f/k/a Gail B. Cole, and Barbara Gail Beal to Olivia Thompson – Milan – $94,000

Tammy Cox and husband, Louis Cox to Jerrod Gibbons and wife, Samantha L. Gibbons – Humboldt – $380,000

Elgie Flowers and Barbara Flowers to Karen J. Schwahn, Donna M. Flowers and Gary R. Flowers – Bradford – $2,500

Darryl Holland and wife, Karen Holland to Joshua L. Arnold – Milan – $205,000

Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson to Gregory Todd Henry and wife, Susan Annette Henry – Medina – $247,900

Phyllis B. Beasley to Jennifer Lynn Weaver – Milan – $130,000

William H. Harrison, Jr. a/k/a Hudson Harrison, to Lone Oak Holdings, LLC – Humboldt – $127,000

David Russell Curtis to Zachary Carroll and wife, Kristina Carroll – Humboldt – $245,000

Josh Youmans to Justin Smith and wife, Cherie Smith – Humboldt – $205,000

Charles Keith Steele and James Brent Dowland to Christopher Agapiou and wife, Jenny Asapiou -$562,000

William Stuart Odle and wife, Alison Choate Odle to Ed Norman – $Trenton – $24,000

George G. Boyte and wife, Lori A. Boyte to Richard P. Fillak and wife, Erika L. Fillak – Medina – $230,000

Joshua C. Lockhart and wife, Crystal Lockhart to Daniel A. Cochran and wife, Casey J. Cochran – Milan – $169,900

Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson to Christopher B. denton and wife, Katherine Migdon Denton – Medina – $237.000

Lee Erie Azbell to Michael Maggard – Bradford – $20,000

Branch Banking & Trust Company to Walter Bryant – Medina – $128,000

Darrel J. Diller, a/k/a Darrell J. Diller, to Katherine Yarbro and husband, Justin Yarbro – Trenton – $187,000

Austin R. Coleman and wife, Sara B. Coleman to Andrew R. Alexander – Medina – $176,000

Joe Gunn to Bernard Harris – Humboldt – $22,500

Building Permits

Darrel Huey, 22 Tara Drive, Medina

Amanda and Trent Britt, 126 Browning Road, Milan

Bob Hornby, 137 Bradford Highway, Rutherford

Bert and Vickie Jones, 61 Timberline Drive, Milan

Bret McMillion, 8 McMillion Drive, Medina

Bret McMillion, 11 McMillion Drive, Medina

William Rowan, 188 Humboldt Highway o/o Gibson, Humboldt

Rafael Mena, 58 Ira Falls Road, Trenton

Bobby and Marsha Stafford, 206 Midway Road #25, Dyer

Hunter Taylor, 217 Slim Charlton Road, Bradford

Alan McLeary, 65 McMinn Road, Milan

Suzanne Greenhaw, 210 Stadium Street, Trenton

Guillermo Capetillo/Torres, 610, Gibson Street, Trenton

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