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Foundation seeking recipes for cookbook

READY TO COOK – These four ladies are chomping at the bit to try out some of the new local recipes in the Humboldt Public Library Foundation Cookbook. Foundation members (from left) Janeice Frisbee, Cathey Jones, Betty Langley and Elna Blankenship urge local people to submit recipes for the cookbook, which will be a fundraiser for the new children’s library addition. You can submit recipes online or drop off a hard copy at the library.


by Danny Wade

Reading and cooking are two activities that do not often go hand-in-hand. But one exception would be cookbooks. A local foundation plans to publish a cookbook with recipes from local people.

“The Humboldt Public Library Foundation Board is creating a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our community,” said board member Betty Langley. “These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake for us all. Money raised will be used for the new Children’s Library addition at the Humboldt Public Library.”

Last week, Langley, along with board members Elna Blankenship, Cathey Jones and Janeice Frisbee, got together to discuss the cookbook and announce their plans. They expect the cookbook will have 250-plus recipes, all submitted by local people.

The cookbook will be a spiral, softcover book and will include a few pages with information about the library foundation and its mission. The foundation not only wants your recipes, they would love to have family recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Recipes should be submitted by September 15.

There are two ways to submit recipes. For those who have internet access, recipes can be submitted online. Go to and click login.

The username is ‘Humboldt library’ and the password is ‘apple423’, then click submit. Enter your name and click ‘continue’. Then click ‘Add Recipes’. It’s that simple.

When entering your name, if you are submitting a recipe from a family member or someone else, there is a second line for a secondary name. For instance, you could type in the original author’s name in the first field and in the second name field, type is ‘submitted by…’ your name.

Some titles to the recipes could include the original author’s name. Some examples might be Grandmothers Fried Chicken, Aunt Nelly’s Apple Pie or even John Doe’s Spicy Barbecue Sauce. You get the picture! From there, follow the simple steps.

For those who may not have internet access or are not computer savvy, recipes can be handwritten or typed and dropped off at the library. There is a recipe box near the front of the library at the circulation desk. Board members will enter the recipes for you.

The foundation offers a few tips for submitting recipes.
•Use standard abbreviations
•Only enter one ingredient per line
•List ingredients in the order of use
•Include container sizes, e.g. (16-oz.) pkg., (24-oz.) can
•Write the directions in a paragraph form, not in steps.
•Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g. Write “Combine flour and sugar” instead of “Combine first two ingredients”.
•Include temperatures and times for cooking, chilling, baking or freezing.

These cookbooks are sure to be in high demand with recipes from locally talented cooks. The foundation highly suggests you pre-order. This will also be helpful for the foundation to know how many cookbooks to order.

These cookbooks will make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, or the perfect gift for anyone’s recipe book collection.

“Please submit many of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook,” Langley stated. “Many recipes from the Humboldt community will ensure that our cookbook is a success.”

For more information or to reserve your copy (or copies), email Betty Langley at

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