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Juveniles to be tried as adults

Malik Armstrong, Joshua Holloway and Kalen Pettigrew

Three juveniles involved in a shooting in Humboldt last October are now being charged as adults. The incident happened October 12, 2018 on South 19th Ave in Humboldt. A white female received a serious gunshot injury and is still recovering from her injuries.

Kylen Juuan Pettigrew, Joshua Stephen Holloway and Malik Keyon Armstrong were transferred to adult court. At the time of the shooting, the three were charged with attempted especially aggravated robbery, attempted 1st degree murder, aggravated assault with serious bodily injury and possession of a firearm during dangerous felony.

At the time of the shooting, Pettigrew was 16 years old, Holloway was 14 years old and Armstrong was 15 years old. All are from Humboldt.
The case will be heard by the Gibson County Grand Jury and all three subjects were moved to the Gibson County Criminal Complex in Trenton and each was given a $100,000 bond each.

Sheriff Paul Thomas says housing juveniles that are awaiting trial as adults poses several unique problems, mainly the segregation of juvenile inmates from adult inmates. The Gibson County Correctional Complex averages approximately 300 adult inmates a day and adding the three juveniles changes the day-to-day operation. Juvenile inmates cannot be able to see or hear adult inmates.  Precautions have to me made to cover the windows from the hallway looking into the pod housing the juveniles. This hallway is used multiple times a day in the movement of inmates for work details, court appearances, doctor appointments, family visits and lawyer visits just to name a few. The school systems and correctional complex are also responsible for continuing the education of the juveniles while they are incarcerated. As you can see there are many more hurdles in housing juveniles in an adult correctional complex.

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