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Dyer Fire Dept. looks for grants

By J. D. Pinkerton

The Dyer Mayor and Board of Aldermen met Sept. 24 and discussed Fire Department grants, consumption of alcohol in the park, and drainage on Madison Street.

Vice Mayor Ray Carroll conducted the meeting in Mayor Chris Younger’s absence.

Police received a final bid of $6,475 for the 2011 Dodge Charger that the city had listed to be sold at auction. They had a reserve of $7,500 on it. City Recorder Nathan Reed thinks he can get a little more out of it. Reed will conduct some negotiations towards that end. 

Fire Chief Ryan Shanklin said the main thing he wants to push for would be in communications to convert over to a digital system. Supposedly, all the kinks have been worked out of the digital system. New air packs are also in need. Their total is $144,000. Communications cost is $52,000 and that includes everything, a whole new system upgrade. This is in hope of getting an approved grant.

Permission was also granted for Shanklin to apply for a Tennessee Municipal League grant that has a deadline of the end of the week. The fire department’s projector is going out and this new one they are applying for is a 72-inch big screen TV. The grant will also get them a laptop computer and 100 orange cones. The total cost is $2,500, half of which will come out of the approved budget. Permission was also granted to Kris Todd to apply for the AFG grant as he did last year. Part of the grant will be to install exhaust fans inside the fire department that would be mounted on the roof. The big push this year is in cancer preventatives.

Alderman Tom Mikkelsen reported the city needsa set of forks for the backhoe. Reed reported the cost would be less than $800.

Reed said the city has about $30,000 in cash reserves. This is money that they can do something with. Once property taxes begin coming in, they will have more money.

Alderperson Jennifer Hugueley reported she had found beer bottles and caps scattered at the gazebo in the park. She cleaned up the area. It is illegal to drink beer out there. Supervisor Randy Gregory asked when it happened as his crew members clean up every Monday morning. Hugueley said it was found over the weekend. Huguely said she didn’t mind cleaning it up. Alderman Richard Reed asked if it’s posted enough out there to be a deterrent. Carroll said its posted out there at the entrance. Reed said, “When we catch them doing it, we should give them a big fine.”

Nathan Reed said he wanted to thank the folks at Gibson Electric for the work they have done for the city of Dyer. He continued, “Every time we have asked Gibson Electric to do something they have offered their help immediately.”

There is a request for the purchase of turnout gear, which Shanklin addressed. The total price is $5,500 plus freight. They do not know what that cost will be. Shanklin is requesting up to $6,000. These items have a limited lifetime of 10 years. It was voted and approved.

Richard Reed reported on Madison Street at the top of Burger Bar Hill, the drains up there stop up and the water backs up because of the leaves. Gregory said he would take care of it. The location will be Madison and West South Street.

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