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Local kitchen candle maker expands business

By Leslie C. Ferguson

Marjie Sanderson, of Kenton, is not only a wife and fulltime art teacher for Dyer County Schools, she is also an emerging entrepreneur

When husband Bill Sanderson opened White Squirrel Winery, Marjie decided they needed something else to compliment the down home feel of their business. So Marjie created the Tennessee Candle Co.

After two years of reading, researching and choosing scents, Marjie got busy cooking.

She started her candle making process in her own kitchen with small quantities of ingredients. Measuring, mixing, and packaging were all a big part of her beginner’s experience.

“We thought of things that would compliment the winery,” she said. “I wanted to reflect fruits and herbs that are from this area in my candle making.”

Marjie also likes to keep things as much about Tennessee as she can. She prints labels for her mason jars in Union City and gets all of her wax and oils from other places in the state. She desi gns each and every one of her labels.

Originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Margie grew up with entertainers.Her family had a Rock-a-Billy band that opened for major artists such as Faith Hill and Reba McIntyre. Marjie spent a great deal of her time in Nashville where the family band was published. Nashville is also where she met Bill.

Marjie said that Tennessee was like a second home to her, and the transition was quite seamless when she moved to West Tennessee.

“I’ve always loved gardening and infusing oils,” she boasts. “People love things that are connected to the land.”

Marjie doesn’t make candles for her own enjoyment; she has already placed her wares selectively in stores throughout Tennessee. Recent deals include Cracker Barrel and Old Country Store in Jackson. Her scents can be found even closer to home at Kenton Drug Co., a landmark store is in the heart of Kenton that proudly displays Marjie’s handiwork.

Apple Bacon Bourbon is one of Tennessee Candle Co.’s best sellers. This scent is heady with sweet apple that makes one dream of the holidays. No matter what kind of business you run, event you throw, or gift you buy, there is a Tennessee Candle Co. candle that is suited just for you. Choosing just one scent to buy would definitely be a chore.   

Her product is already in over 17 stores, and plans for a new candle making facility are underway. She has a vintage building in the downtown area ready for remodeling.

“We would like for it to resemble the White Squirrel Winery,” she said.

Marjie plans to have a showroom and also a production area to keep up with high demand. She eventually wants to teach and host art classes in the building attached to the show room.

“I’m all about improving our community and making small towns grow,” she said.

Jokingly, Marjie says there are no plans for hiring any more staff, but she has a feeling that might change in the near future.

To purchase a Tennessee Candle Co. candle, go to Tennessee Candle Company on Facebook or visit a store near you.



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  1. Barri Glover on January 16, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    I want some of these candles Tennessee High Cotton soy blend

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