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Dyer businesses chip in for bus shelter

By J.D. Pinkerton

Every morning before going into his office at City Hall, Mayor Chris Younger takes a ride around Dyer observing work that has been done and that is about to be done on his city. He also looks for ways to improve Dyer or to help the citizens lead happier lives.

One such day he was out in the Rocky Point neighborhood and noticed 15-20 children there waiting for the bus. It was raining and only two of the children had umbrellas that everyone was trying to huddle under.

It got Younger to thinking and he called around, checking on prices on a bus shelter. Twin City Barns, right on the outskirts of town, said they could build one for the city. After only a few more phone calls, Younger had his sponsors: Twin City Barns, City Lumber, Duncan’s Pharmacy, J & B Motors, and Branson Trackhoe Service. Joe Yoder of Twin Barns delivered and unloaded the bus shelter on a prepared location at the head of Rocky Point subdivision. 

The building is a 6×12 unit with seating. Younger said that he plans to have electricity with heat lamps installed and that Bubba Higdon would situate the unit for electricity.

Younger said, “I would like to thank the businesses for their help in making this happen. Working with all of our businesses is important to having a successful community.”

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