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Redd Porter is candidate for school board

Thomas ‘Redd’ Porter is announcing his candidacy for Humboldt School Board in the upcoming November election.

Porter is a native of Humboldt and graduate of Humboldt High School. Always involved in his community, Porter previously served on the school board and is a longtime local businessman, operating AA Bail Bonding for the past 50 years.

He believes local education should include more vocational education options and more college options as well.

He pledges leadership, school and testing score improvement, adult education improvements, qualified teachers, attendance at parent-teacher meetings, fair treatment, better community-school relationships, financing for Pre-K services and financing for more college programs at the Humboldt Higher Education Center on Main Street.

Porter asks everyone to please get out and vote on Nov. 7.

“Your vote and influence will be greatly appreciated,” he said.

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