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Johnson announces re-election campaign

Alderman Donna Johnson has officially announced her bid for re-election in Ward 5. Johnson is in her fourth year of her term as alderman.

“I will continue to reach out to every corner of our diverse community to talk about our record of accomplishments and most importantly, to listen,” Johnson said. “A good listener is one of the most important traits an elected official should possess. No one person has all the answers but as your alderman, I will continue to be a voice, not only for Ward 5, but for all the citizens of Humboldt.”

Johnson says Humboldt belongs to each and every one of us. She urges everyone to listen and be doers to help our city to continue to improve.

“While doing my Chemo treatment, I was not able to communicate or make myself visible as much as I would have liked, but I assure you that my heart and love for our citizens and Humboldt didn’t stop,” Alderman Johnson continue. “The last four years have been filled with more progress than ever before. I believe our neighborhood is more united. Do we still have work to do? Is there is still room for growth and improvement? The answer is ‘yes’, but we can make this happen by being stronger together. You deserve to have your phone calls returned and your e-mails answered promptly so that you know that we are doing our best to address your concern. I am asking you, our citizens, not to give up on your concerns or Humboldt! We are not perfect, but we continue to strive for perfection!”

During Johnson’s tenure, she points to the progress the mayor and board of aldermen have produced in three and a half years. There has been considerable progress in cleaning up the city, upgrades to the parks and city, and addressing abandoned property.

Adult crime has decreased by 60-percent and juvenile arrest by 500-percent in five years per data from the TBI.

“The decrease in crime is due not only to Chief Rob Ellis, Asst. Chief Reynard Buchanan, Detective Tony Williams, but to all of our police officers and staff who put their lives in danger do their job and our citizens who want to be safe,” Johnson said. “To these professionals, I say good work!”

“Few in our ward prefer to fight old battles and settle ancient scores, oblivious to the fact that the rest of the community has moved on so we can continue to succeed in being the ‘berry best,” she continued. “Yes, it’s important that we learn from our mistakes, but we should not dwell on them. Too much remains to be done.”

“Does that mean we should no longer disagree? Of course not! We are a diverse community with a multiplicity of perspectives and points of view, but we should always express our disagreements in honest, open and respectful fashion—not personal attacks or motives.”

“Friends and neighbors, four years ago you gave me a chance to be your voice and I hope that I accomplished that, said Alderman Johnson. “I thank you for that opportunity, and I hope I have earned your confidence.”

“We have faced many challenges over the years, with new challenges ahead, but nothing stands in our way if we all work together. The best is yet to come!”

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