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Career day at Camp Discovery brings out array of professional speakers

WELCOMING GUESTS    Camp Discovery campers Joseph Linningham, Christin Currie, Jaliyah Fair and Andrea Jackson perform the camp song as a welcome to the career day professionals who enjoyed lunch and spoke to campers June 19.

LANE PRESIDENT – Dr. Logan Hampton, the 10th president of Lane College entertained the campers as he spoke. Dr. Ham pton impressed the campers with his high energy and enthusiasm as he spoke to them on June 19 at Humboldt Housing Authority Resource Center.

Career Day at Camp Discovery was held Monday, June 19, 2017. The theme of this year’s camp is “Being Our Best Self.”

Camp Discovery, hosted by Humboldt Housing Authority is in its 10th year.

Barbara Borner, camp director, said their goal at camp is to help teen and t’ween campers lift their self-esteem. Camp offers a personalized program that includes the arts, science, etiquette, team building exercises and more.

This year’s career day enlisted six professionals in a wide array of professions.

The first guest speaker was Richard Darnell, attorney and senior advisor to the president of Lane College. He highlighted the importance of getting all of the education you can pertaining to your chosen career path. In other words of wisdom, he shared encouraged, reading, enjoying your youth and being polite to elders. Young people with manners actually stand out in today’s world because so many fail to employ this simple tactic in their everyday life.

Tom Minors and Mo Shamell, meteorologists with WBBJ TV, were at Career Day with Shamell’s story of perseverance. Although he struggled to complete college, Shamell  did receive his degree in 2009. It was February 2017 before he landed his first job as a meteorologist. His persistence and unwillingness to settle brought him to his dream job.

Chandra Bailey is a nurse anesthetist with Jackson General Mdison CountyHospital. The point she drove home to the camp goers was one of, “It won’t be easy, but you can do it.”

Dr. Versie Hamlett, recognized by all, is the superintendent of Humboldt City Schools. She told the story of how she came to her chosen career path, which was by a method not utilized by many.

She first made a list of all the things (professions) that she did not want to do. She then said it is important to listen to what others say about you. For example, what are your character traits? Her final piece of advice is to never tell yourself no.

Dr. Logan Hampton, president of Lane College, brought high energy and enthusiasm to the group. He is the 10th president of Lane College.

Three points he pressed are to never give up; never resign yourself to a position you are comfortable with and although people can call you cute, talented, etc. but if you don’t work it’s useless.

“There is no subject created by the human mind that you cannot learn. You have to put in the work,” he said.

He closed by telling campers the same things he tells the incoming freshmen at Lane College, “Know the Lord, know your lessons and know your program.”

Each speaker allowed  time for questions and answers. The campers were not shy in addressing the professionals. They asked relevant questions and received informative answers.

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