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Huntingdon, Milan placed on probation for game incident

11 days after the incident took place, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) has handed down its final ruling from when both benches emptied during the first half of the Huntingdon-Milan game.

Huntingdon and Milan have both been placed on probation until the end of the 2024-25 school year, and probation results in a fine of $500 annually. So both schools will have a total fine of $1,000.

In a letter sent to Milan High School and another letter sent to Huntingdon High School from TSSAA Executive Director Mark Reeves, it states:

“This is in reference to the incident that took place on Friday, September 22, 2023, during the football contest between Milan and Huntingdon. The official’s report stated that a Huntingdon player was ejected from the contest after committing a flagrant personal foul in response to having his helmet removed due to a facemask committed by a Milan player.”

The official’s report states that, “at 8:22 of the second quarter, Milan was penalized for a personal foul face mask. The helmet of #16 for Huntingdon was taken off because of the face mask.” It was actually No. 12 for Huntingdon that had his face mask pulled.

Following that incident, Huntingdon’s No. 16 swung his helmet at Milan players. Players from both teams came onto the field of play after that. Huntingdon’s No. 16 was ejected from the contest.

The letter to Milan and Huntingdon states, “Several players from both schools can be seen pushing and shoving each other before returning to their respective sidelines. Some players did not reach the area where the altercation occurred before returning to their respective sidelines. The game was resumed without further incident.”

TSSAA requested video and a report from both schools, and both submitted those items.

The letter also states, “We want to commend the coaches and players for the quick de-escalation of what could have been a much more serious situation. We generally look at bench clearing altercations to determine whether we feel that the incident rose to a level that warrants restrictive probation and a subsequent postseason ban. The quick de-escalation and return to the sidelines by players from both schools are what made our staff believe that probation was the more appropriate penalty.”


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  1. Andy Crocker on October 3, 2023 at 5:07 pm

    I was at the game and witnessed it personally. The punishment does seem fair except for the kid that was using his helmet as a weapon. He should be tried criminally or at least suspended for the rest of the season. If there are more that I didn’t see using a helmet as a weapon get them too.

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