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Business Spotlight – MacLean Power Systems


Big Business, Big Heart

Business Spotlight: McLean Power Systems


When MacLean Power Systems came to Trenton in 2013, the city eagerly awaited the economic impact the big business was going to have on our area.

Tax revenues. Jobs. Population growth. Those are the buzzwords that get bandied about when a major industrial manufacturer moves into a rural area like ours. With more than 400 full-time employees supplying over 12,000 power system products to its customers for almost 10 years, the economic impact MacLean Power Systems has had on Trenton and Gibson County is certainly substantial, but it’s the little things that make MacLean Power Systems such a great neighbor to have.

Just three years after MacLean Power Systems restructured its operations in Franklin Park, Illinois, and moved to Trenton, the manufacturer made a commitment to donate $100,000 to the Northwest Gibson County YMCA over the next five years.

MacLean Power Systems has worked with local school districts to provide students with opportunities to gain skills and experience in the workforce, as well as earn a paycheck through programs like TOPS and the Innovative High School grant program.

Each year, MacLean Power Systems awards $6,000 scholarships to students from high schools in Gibson County.

When disaster struck in December 2021, MacLean Power Systems and its employees came together to donate truckloads of food, supplies and basic necessities to families from Gibson County to Kentucky whose lives were uprooted by the tornadoes.

Whether it is donating food to storm victims, school supplies to students or sponsoring community activities like Music on the Square, MacLean Power Systems is ready and willing to invest in Gibson County at every turn.


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