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Helping the Hounds of Humboldt

DOGGIE DONATIONS – A donations box was built and donated to the Humboldt pound to help facilitate donation drops with the public for the dogs. Animal Control Officer Taylor Wood is hopeful this box will be filled with everything the canines need, especially this winter.

by Ariel McRae

Over the past month, Taylor Wood has been working tirelessly to help the hounds of Humboldt find fosters or ‘fur’ever homes as the city’s new animal control officer. Wood joining the public works department has been a blessing for the dogs now entrusted in her care. She has a plethora of ideas to help keep the dogs happy, healthy and hopeful to find new homes. Taking care of the pound is a communal effort, however.

Caring for these canines requires a level of teamwork between Wood and the residents of Humboldt. In the name of solidarity, someone (wanting to remain anonymous) donated their time and efforts in creating a donations box for the pound. This box is located outside of the facility gates with a latched lid to leave donations behind. The idea of the large, red donations box was to create a pathway for people to continue to donate to the pound anonymously as well as keeping donations safe from different weather conditions until they can be gathered and used.

Wood mentioned that the best donations to bring for the dogs include, but not limited to, bedding, blankets, spare heat lamps, toys, food, etc. The pound can accept any physical donations, but they cannot accept any monetary donations per the city. All donations are recorded in ACO Wood logs for the pound. On the Humboldt Animal Shelter Facebook page, there is an amazon link shared for those interested in having items sent directly to the pound without having to deliver them personally.

Wood spends her day spraying down the kennels, feeding the dogs, washing their cots off and constantly cleaning the drains around the pound kennels. She feeds the dogs, walks them, takes them to the vet if needed and provides them with as much love and attention as she can give. If physically donations are hard, the pound is always looking for volunteers to help with these daily tasks that keep the place running. Volunteers are required to sign a waiver and are welcome at any time, especially to help the dogs get more exercise.

 “The dogs in the pound are my favorite part [of the job],” Wood described of her feelings about her time as ACO already. “Being their main source of happiness makes you feel special.”

 While Wood thinks of the dogs as part of her family and loves them as such, her greatest goal is to have all of them adopted as quickly as possible. Often, the smallest dogs or the dogs with the cutest coats end up being adopted, while a few of the animals considered unattractive or old are long-term residents of the pound.   

Most of the dogs that arrive at the pound end up in foster situations or get transported to other animal rescues. Even with these efforts, there comes a couple of times when there is no other option than to put a few animals to sleep to make room for other displaced animals around Humboldt. It is a sad reality of a pound, but Wood is hopeful to make that small number of destroyed dogs shrink to nonexistent.

 If you are looking for a dog to add to your family, the process is relatively simple. It will cost you $15, and you will be required to provide proof of the rabies shot as well as getting the animal spayed or neutered to prevent future, continued puppy overpopulation. Adopting a dog is one of the best ways, outside of utilizing the donations box, someone can help the pound as it alleviates the stress off the ACO for her to do her job more effectively. Wood admitted she becomes attached to the dogs and hates to see them go, but she loves to watch them leave.

The holiday season is upon Humboldt. As you consider donating cans to food drives and time to homeless shelters, please consider the dogs at the pound and remember to use the donations box or volunteer your time. Who knows, you may even end up with a new best friend.

For information about donations needed or adoptable dogs, call (731) 784-4491 or email

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  1. Simeon Mann on April 20, 2023 at 8:59 pm

    I moving into an apartment soon and the land lady don’t want dogs on the property. I want him to be in a great place he is good dog about 2 years old name is six after my son jersey number hecis a Jack Russell Brinell pit.

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