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Trenton Historical Rosenwald School Alumni Association Homecoming Event set for September 17-18

“Homecoming Heritage Reflection – Linking Past & Present”

By Dr. Al Jordan

The Trenton Historical Rosenwald School Alumni Association will be holding a Homecoming event this Saturday and Sunday. The event will recognize the “Who’s Who History Makers Lifetime Achievers.”

According to the sponsors, the award and recognition select committee, and chairperson Ms. Joyce Hill-Glenn, the Trenton Methodist CME Church will host the “Heritage Celebration & Commemoration Honoring The Community African American History Makers Trailblazers Achievers”.

Our association’s Select Achievers Honors Recognition Planning And Organizing Committee, wish to invite you personally to attend and participate in our Lifetime Career History Makers Stellar Trail Blazers Achievers Committee Events, along with your multi generational family and ad hoc faith based leaders and community ministerial alliance committee, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2022 beginning at 4 PM at the Trenton Methodist CME Church.  This event will be paying tribute, honor, and recognition to Community-Wide African American Lifetime History Makers.  Under the theme “Career Successes of the Lifetime Achievements, Accomplishments, and Contributions to Themselves, to their chosen field of endeavor, and Society”.  The program will feature the traditional worship and will salute the Achievers, as well as Community Church Choir and Soloists for inspirational renditions.  In addition, there will be a heritage, history, and legacy program including audio visual presentation of Historical Trenton Rosenwald School Story, 1928-1968. In addition, there will be a panel, consisting of college and university professors, specializing in research into indigenous Indian tribes – the Chickasaw native tribe; African American Studies, and European Studies, all relative to the early settlers in the community. In addition, The select History Makers, Trail Blazers Who’s Who Honorees will provide testimonies about their achievements and contributions, focusing on “how they succeeded…how did they find the answer”.

There will be high school and college students participating in Q and A with both the professors and the Honorees.  This is followed by a “keynote address” by a Trentonian, retired Air Force Commanding Officer, and a University graduate in Electrical Engineering, Norman H. Buchanan, currently a consultant at the US Pentagon, in our nation’s Cyber Security field.  Finally there will be a summation of the program provided by the Chairman of the Alumni Association, followed by the serving of the complimentary brunch.

And on Sunday, September 18th, 2022, there will be a traditional worship service, including a salute to the History Makers Trail Blazers Achievers.  Immediately after the service, there will be Achievers Honoree Reception, providing an opportunity to mingle with them, take photos, and get acquainted.  After this, there will be a Luncheon served in appreciation of their Heritage, History, And Legacy of the Stellar Achievers.  Dr. Beverly Greene-Mathis, as a Trentonian phenomenal Achiever, has been invited to deliver a keynote address after the Luncheon.  There will also be an exhibit of Art and Cultural Heritage History And Legacy of the Trenton Community.  This two day event will be held at the multi purpose building of the Trenton Methodist CME Church, located at: 209 N. Church Street, Trenton, TN  38382

So, will you please mark these dates on your calendar and save the event dates, duplicate, attach, and request notice of intent to participate in this complimentary (free) unforgettable Homecoming Stellar Achievement Program?  If you plan to attend, then please send your contact information (Name, Maiden Name, Address, eMail, and Phone number) to Dr. Al Jordon at DrAlJordon1@GMail.Com  We would also like for you to recommend either yourself or someone else deserving for the Stellar Achiever Award to the committee.

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