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Bolivar boys re-enter West Tennessee high school basketball rankings after Week 11

One week is all that separates the West Tennessee basketball teams from starting postseason play. Some teams are done with the regular season, while others have four games left.
Here are the top 12 high school basketball teams in West Tennessee outside of Shelby County:

SCHEDULE: Gibson County area high school basketball schedule for Feb. 7-12

TOP GAMES: Top 5 games involving Gibson County area teams during Week 12


1. Middleton (18-1): Results: Beat Humboldt, Lake County. This week: Tuesday at Peabody; Thursday vs. JCM; Friday vs. Lake County. Last week: No. 1.
2. South Side (18-2): Results: Beat Liberty, North Side. This week: Regular season complete. Last week: No. 2.
3. Fayette-Ware (17-6): Results: Did not play. This week: Tuesday at Raleigh-Egypt; Friday at Millington. Last week: No. 3.
4. Henry County (15-1): Results: Beat Kenwood. This week: Tuesday vs. Clarksville Northwest; Friday at Dickson County. Last week: No. 4.
5. Dyersburg (16-5): Results: Beat Crockett County. This week: Monday at Crockett County; Thursday vs. Obion County; Saturday vs. Dyer County. Last week: No. 6.
6. Sacred Heart (17-3): Results: Beat Jackson Christian. This week: Tuesday at Tipton-Rosemark; Thursday vs. USJ. Last week: No. 7.
7. Camden (18-4): Results: Lost to Waverly. This week: Tuesday at Houston County; Thursday vs. Hickman County. Last week: No. 5.
8. North Side (14-5): Results: Beat South Gibson; Lost to South Side. This week: Monday vs. Carroll Academy; Friday at Bolivar. Last week: No. 8.
9. Obion County (15-4): Results: Beat Dyer County. This week: Monday at Dyer County; Thursday at Dyersburg; Saturday vs. Crockett County. Last week: No. 9.
10. Peabody (17-6): Results: Beat Halls (twice). This week: Monday vs. Humboldt; Tuesday vs. Middleton; Friday at JCM. Last week: No. 10.
11. West Carroll (14-3): Results: Beat Perry County. This week: Monday vs. Bradford; Tuesday vs. Bruceton; Thursday at Liberty. Last week: No. 11.
12. Bolivar (14-8): Results: Beat Madison, Scotts Hill, Adamsville. This week: Tuesday vs. Riverside; Friday vs. North Side. Last week: Not ranked.

Dropped out: Scotts Hill (15-4).
On the bubble: Bradford (13-9); McKenzie (14-8); Milan (14-7); TCA (16-8).


1. Westview (20-2): Results: Beat McKenzie. This week: Tuesday vs. Gibson County; Wednesday at Union City; Friday vs. Huntingdon. Last week: No. 1.
2. Gibson County (24-2): Results: Beat Huntingdon, Milan. This week: Tuesday at Westview; Friday vs. Union City. Last week: No. 3.
3. McKenzie (20-2): Results: Beat Big Sandy; Lost to Westview. This week: Monday vs. McEwen; Thursday vs. Houston County. Last week: No. 2.
4. South Side (17-2): Results: Beat North Side. This week: Regular season complete. Last week: No. 4.
5. TCA (17-3): Results: Beat Tipton-Rosemark, McNairy Central. This week: Monday at Fayette Academy; Tuesday at USJ; Thursday vs. Madison. Last week: No. 5.
6. South Gibson (19-6): Results: Beat North Side. This week: Thursday at Milan; Saturday vs. Graves County (Ky.). Last week: No. 6.
7. Fayette Academy (20-3): Results: Beat USJ. This week: Monday vs. TCA; Tuesday at Jackson Christian. Last week: No. 7.
8. Gleason (18-5): Results: Did not play. This week: Monday vs. Lake County; Tuesday vs. South Fulton; Thursday at Greenfield. Last week: No. 8.
9. Dyer County (17-5): Results: Beat Obion County. This week: Monday vs. Obion County; Thursday vs. Crockett County; Saturday at Dyersburg. Last week: No. 10.
10. Hardin County (14-4): Results: Beat Florence Central (Ala.); McNairy Central. This week: Tuesday at Chester County; Friday at McNairy Central. Last week: No. 11.
11. McNairy Central (15-5): Results: Lost to Hardin County, TCA. This week: Tuesday at Lexington; Friday vs. Hardin County. Last week: No. 9.
12. Crockett County (14-5): Results: Beat Dyersburg. This week: Tuesday at Dyersburg; Friday at Dyer County. Last week: No. 12.

On the bubble: Dresden (17-7); Fayette-Ware (12-5); Greenfield (14-7); Union City (15-7).

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