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Children’s library fundraising continues

by Katrina Smith

The Humboldt Public Library staff and supporters are looking forward to getting a major addition to the library.  The Humboldt Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library are two separate entities with the purpose of helping the children’s library reach its goal.

The Humboldt Public Library Foundation was created in 2013. The foundation was first led by Mayor Marvin Sikes, who helped the foundation secure its 501(c)3 status. When this foundation was created, it allowed the library to solicit funding in greater amounts than the Friends of the Library. There are plans to construct a new children’s library, expanding from 1,300 square feet section to 2,300 square feet.

“The new library will allow more space for participants,” said Elna Blankenship, President of the Humboldt Public Library Foundation. “There will be new programs and activities for large groups of children and adults to encourage literacy.”

In the new children’s library, it is expected to see a 20-percent increase in book stacks. Private restrooms will be available inside this portion of the library for the children and youth computers will be on-site inside.  These perks will all be in sight of the librarian.

The campaign to raise money for this library started in 2014 and to date, $275,000 has been raised. The foundation and the Friends of the Library were hard at work. They had some special fund-raising campaigns including selling recipe books, the David Johnson Chorus concert, Mopars and Bike rides and the That’s My Brick campaign to help reach their goal.

That’s My Brick was one of the biggest campaigns used during the fundraising process. This campaign was a special way to honor, memorialize family members, friends, veterans, classmates and businesses.  Patrons were able to purchase a brick that will be displayed as the flooring inside the foyer entrance.

The initial cost of the construction of the library was around $400,000 but over the past few months, prices for supplies have skyrocketed around the world. There were 15 bricks remaining but were purchased on Friday. Those who would like to contribute to helping the foundation reach their goal can do so by making a donation or purchasing a recipe book with delicious recipes from the library for only $10. All donations are be tax deductible.

More information can be found on the library’s website at

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