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Mayor, aldermen sworn into office

by Danny Wade

Humboldt city election in 2021 seemed to last the entire year—and it did. Candidates began announcing early in the year. Qualifying ran May through August to qualify for the November ballot. Campaigning was running full throttle from day one.

Year’s Day was the grand finale for the 2021 city election when the winning candidates raised their right hands, taking the oath of office. The mayor and all five aldermen positions were on the ballot in 2021 and sworn in on New Year’s Day.

Mayor Marvin Sikes was elected to serve a third term and was to be the first to be sworn in. But a last minute change of plans was made when the mayor said he wanted the aldermen to be the first sworn in. Mayor Sikes said this would be his third time to be sworn in but for some of the aldermen, this was their first time.

“This is a special time for you, as aldermen and alderwomen,” said Mayor Sikes. “This is a day you will remember all your life.

Humboldt Clerk and Master Amy Brown administered the oath of office during the ceremony held in the Humboldt Senior Citizens Center. One by one, each alderman and alderwoman raised their right hand and took the oath. Julie Jones-Coleman, Monte Johnson, Shane Lynch, Leon McNeal and Tammie Porter were sworn into office.

After the board was sworn in, Mayor Sikes placed his hand on the Bible and raised his right hand as he took the oath of office for a third time as mayor of Humboldt.

After the ceremony, Mayor Sikes talked about the importance of taking the oath. He said Humboldt has so many good things going on and looks forward to working with the board the next four years. He expects the growth in Humboldt to continue and urged the board to work together respectfully.

During the ceremony and after the program had concluded there were lots of smiling faces and pictures being taken to mark this historical day in Humboldt history

McNeal is the senior member of the city board, now serving in his fourth term. Monte Johnson has the next highest seniority after serving part of 2021. He was appointed to fulfill the remainder of his late wife, Donna Johnson’s term. Tragically, she passed away while still in office. Jones-Coleman, Lynch and Porter are all newcomers to the political arena as alderpersons.

The first meeting of the Humboldt Board of Mayor and Aldermen is scheduled for Monday, January 11 at 5:30 p.m. City board meetings are held in the courtroom on the second floor of the Municipal Building. All board meetings are open to the public.

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