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Ward on the road to success at DSCC

by Katrina Smith

After graduation, life begins for each graduate. Some students take the road to work while others take the road to further their educational endeavors. Montrez “Trey” Ward, a 2019 graduate of Humboldt High School, knew his life was just beginning and things would be different. He understood this new plan and was not willing to settle for being mediocre.

He developed a plan and took that educational road doing what he loves, playing basketball. Ward is a sophomore in the books, a freshman on the court and a shooting guard for the Dyersburg State Community College Eagles in Dyersburg, Tenn.

“Life after high school was challenging,” said Ward. “I am now in the real world and had to learn how to do things on my own but I made the adjustments, and it makes sense.”

In high school, Ward had a fulfilling basketball career and was a key player on the team. The team in 2019 not only played a good game but also played a good game as friends.

“I miss the crew,” Ward said of his former Viking teammates. “We had a bond and held each other accountable.”

Lots of workouts, sacrificing and dedication were the key components to adjusting to his new role in college.

When facing off against each other now, the message has been the same with them all by showing love but getting down to business on the court, nothing personal. Ward says, everything that is done in life has its challenges. No matter if it is something that is loved, there are still challenges.

Ward has played numerous basketball games in high school and quite naturally playing basketball should not be any different.

“Playing on a college level is a little different because you have to adjust to others who think differently than you do,” said Ward. “ It is a matter of adjusting.”

“The players in college are more physical, bigger and stronger,” said Ward. “I guard players much taller than me, and that is why I always tell myself, it is heart over height. No matter how tall your giants are, they must be faced with confidence.”

After playing at Dyersburg State, Ward would like to continue his education at a four-year institution. His desire is to attend a historically black college or university (HBCU) but is open to other opportunities if they are the right fit. After college, he would like to further his basketball career playing overseas. When basketball will not allow him to continue is when Ward will become a PE teacher and coach others in the game of basketball.

Dyersburg State plays a fast pace game making him remember a lot of the game played in high school.  Viking fans can still support Ward by catching him in action during the games at Dyersburg State Community College.

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