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Humboldt students return to classroom

by Katrina Smith


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – Dr. Tiffany Purnell (right), principal of Stigall Primary School, greets students (from left) Avah Cox, Skylar Ray, Jimeya Taylor, Braxton Boykin and Ava Caldwell on the first day of school last Thursday.


COVID affected all lives in some shape or fashion in the schools across the country. School systems had reverted to using a virtual schedule and in person schedules. Since COVID, adjustments have been made and life has been adjusting to the change with a new norm.     

Humboldt City Schools started their new school year on last Thursday.   What is so different about this school year? There is a new superintendent, Dr. Janice Epperson, and the students will be adjusting to some changes as well.

“Each school will have designated staff to help with duties to welcome the students and appoint them in the right direction,” Dr. Epperson said. “If there was a disconnect with our operations, with them in place, we can quickly adjust on the front side.”

Stigall Primary School staff and teachers greeted each student upon their arrival. Clipboards were in hand and smiles were on faces. At Stigall, the kindergarten classes met in the gymnasium and other grades assembled in the cafeteria.

Dr. Purnell was so excited to see her students.

“I am overjoyed to see the kids,” said Dr. Purnell. “Today, I felt that normalcy we once had to interact with the students.”

Dr. Purnell and her staff had been planning for this day months ago.  Execution was delivered flawlessly.

“When we planned for this day, everyone played a part,” said Purnell. “It takes a village, and we all had input on making it work.”      

This school year, masks are optional. Staff and students are not required to wear them but with more and more cases showing up, mask requirements could be updated.

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