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Smith joins staff

Associate Editor Katrina Smith

The Humboldt Chronicle proudly announces Katrina Smith has joined the staff as the new associate editor. Smith brings experience in journalism, photojournalism, communications and social media to the newspaper.

“With a working faith, hope and love, I am so excited about becoming the associate editor for the Humboldt Chronicle,” said Smith. “This is a great opportunity that will enable me to do what I love and that is to learn more diversity and to communicate.”

Smith’s roots run deep, being born and raised in Humboldt. She graduated from Humboldt High School in 1996 and attended UT Martin studying communications. She later attended West Tennessee Business College. For 10 years, Smith was an assistant manager for Walmart and served as an administrative assistant at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, Smith moved back home to Humboldt where she worked for the Jackson Clinic Humboldt office as a receptionist and later the call center representative. Smith is now a senior at Lane College working toward her degree and consistently maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

“Sometimes you just know when you find the right person, the person that fits and will seem right at home,” Humboldt Chronicle Editor Danny Wade said. “During her interview, Katrina’s energy and enthusiasm let us know we had found the right person for the job.”

“I am excited for Katrina to join our staff,” General Manager Lee Ann Butler said. “She has a passion for journalism and her community. She will be a great addition to our newspaper family.”

Smith says she is an optimistic person, eager to learn, accepting all challenges and dedicated professionally to the call of duty.

“People often say the sky is the limit but I say, there are no limits in limit.” Smith said. “You can go as far as you want if you believe and work towards the bigger goal.”

As associate editor, Smith will gather news, write articles, take pictures and lay out newspaper pages. But like any small business, everyone wears many different hats. Smith said she welcomes taking on those duties and responsibilities.

“Katrina is a people person,” Wade noted. “She knows Humboldt. She knows the people. Her view on Humboldt is that of one big family. We’re very happy to welcome her to our newspaper family.”

“Observing my parents over the years, I learned a valuable lesson about work ethic,” Smith said of her upbringing. “Do more today than you did yesterday and if you can go to bed feeling like you have given it your best; then you had a great day. No matter how tired you may be, you must work like there is no tomorrow and that’s why I say, mediocrity is not an option.”

The Humboldt Chronicle staff believes people will enjoy and support what Smith brings to her hometown newspaper, covering the happenings in Humboldt. People will see her out in the community, making new connections and getting to know even more Humboldt people. If you see her out, stop and say “hi”.

“I love my city and talk about it like it’s bigger than New York,” Smith enthusiastically said. “It gives me great pleasure to get out in the community and talk to my family (you) to help bring the best of the best news to keep everyone informed. Send any news story ideas to my email at”

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