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Stigall, East hold drive through events

End of the year celebration wraps up school year for students, parents, school staff

END OF YEAR CELEBRATION – East Elementary School held a drive through celebration last Thursday to mark the end of the school year. Parents and students drove by the teachers and staff with decorated vehicles, waving goodbye and looking forward to the next school year. Stigall Primary School staff also hosted a drive through celebration for parents and students.

by Danny Wade

Two Humboldt schools held end of the year celebrations for staff and students. Stigall Primary School and East Elementary School hosted drive through graduation and award recognitions last Thursday.

Parents and family members drove their vehicles through designated lanes so their students could wave and chat with the teachers and other school staff, marking the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Teachers decorated their cars and trucks with balloon, signs, banners and other celebratory decorations to create a festive day for both the students and teachers. There were plenty of pictures taken, waves and hugs. It was definitely a fun day for everyone.

“Pre-k’s drive-thru was to celebrate their graduation and kindergarten through first was to recognize their award’s day,” Stigall principal, Dr. Tiffany Purnell said. “Teachers and parents decorated their cars to celebrate the students. The theme of the event was, Taco ‘Bout a Great Year. Teachers decorated their cars to align with the event’s theme.”

Each kindergarten and first grade teacher handed out awards to their top students. Some of the awards included math award, reading award, principal’s award and an award for the top virtual students.

“I am glad we had the chance to celebrate our students,” said kindergarten teacher Diana Hesselrode. “They have worked hard this year.”

“We know the pandemic has made this a challenging year for our students, but we still want to celebrate them,” said Dr. Purnell. “We are truly proud of our students.”

East Elementary School had a similar drive through celebration for the second through six grade students.

East Elementary School principal, Brittanie Doaks said this year, due to COVID 19, they were unable to have their annual awards ceremony.  In lieu of a traditional ceremony, they held a drive through end-of-the-year celebration.

“This allowed students to see the teachers before the summer break,” Doaks noted. “Teachers made signs and had balloons to welcome students.”

The drive through celebration had to have a last minute change due to roof construction going on at the school. The event moved across the street and used Humboldt Church of Christ’s parking lot. Many parents and students drove through to wave and commemorate the end of the 2020-21 school year.

“It was so wonderful to see so many smiling faces after completing such an unconventional year,” principal Doaks said. “We look forward to the start of a new school year with all students back in the building.”

STIGALL, EAST DRIVE THROUGH – Teachers and staff from Stigall Primary (upper photo) hosted an end-of-school event to close out the school year as parents and students drove through the parking lot. Staff’s cars were festively decorated with the theme, Taco ‘Bout a Great Year. The event honored the pre-k graduates and 1st grade awards. East Elementary School’s drive through celebration (lower photo) had to be moved across the street to the Humboldt Church of Christ parking lot while roof repairs are ongoing at the school.

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