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Strawberry Royalty to reign over 84th Festival

HOSTESS PRINCESS – Haley Hill is the new Hostess Princess and will reign over the 84th annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival next year. Selected as royalty are (from left) 3rd Maid Ashlyn Bell, daughter of Justin and Jill Bell; 1st Maid Maddy Beth Harris, daughter of Shane and Jennifer Harris; Hostess Princess Haley Hill, daughter of Heather Bratton and Rob Hill; 2nd Maid Jewel Bodkins, daughter of Greg and Nichole Bodkins; and 4th Maid Katie Alexander, daughter of Jessi Alexander.


JUNIOR HOSTESS PRINCESS – Sophie Lepinski was crowned Junior Hostess Princess of the 84th Strawberry Festival. Members of the court are (from left) 3rd Maid Juliet Joiner, daughter of Jennifer Joiner; 1st Maid Collins Carter Prince, daughter of Tyler and Jodie Prince, Junior Hostess Princess Sophie Lepinski, daughter of Tom and Jennifer Crutchfield, and Tom Lepinski; 2nd Maid Sadie Sanders, daughter of Robin Rucker; and 4th Maid Bexley Carol Laster, daughter of Josh and Christy Laster.


TERRITORIAL REVUE – Ramsey Kate Crouse won the title of Territorial Queen Saturday evening and will reign over the 84th West Tennessee Strawberry Festival next year. Members of the Territorial court are (from left) 3rd Maid Alyssa Wade, daughter of Albert and Renea Wade; 1st Maid Addy Measley, daughter of Ted and Autumn Measley; Queen Ramsey Kate Crouse, daughter of Stephen and Tiffany Crouse; 2nd Maid Macy Jones daughter of Ricky and Rebekah Jones; and 4th Maid Mallory Pickle daughter of Jonathan and Casey Pickle.


MISS TEEN TERRITORIAL – Nadia Presson was crowned Miss Teen Territorial queen last week and will represent the 84th West Tennessee Strawberry Festival in 2022. Selected as the court are (from left) 3rd Maid Hayden Elizabeth Swaim, daughter of Mark and Lisa Swaim; 1st Maid Shylay Phinnessee, daughter of Shereka Phinnessee; Queen Nadia Presson, daughter of Brad and Vanessa Presson; 2nd Maid Natalie Crews, daughter of Chad and Kim Crews; and 4th Maid Paige Helton, daughter of Blake and Margo Helton.


JUNIOR MISS TERRITORIAL – Brinlee Bunney won the crown as Junior Miss Territorial queen. Young ladies in the court are (from left) 3rd Maid Sophie Coln, daughter of Jill Coln; 1st Maid Cacie Jo McNeill, daughter of Chad and Taffee McNeill; Queen Brinlee Bunney, daughter of David and Karla Bunney; 2nd Maid Jayci Lins Nellett, daughter of Amanda and Brian Nellett; and 4th Maid Piper Ann DePriest, daughter of Shane and Brooke DePriest.


LITTLE MISS TERRITORIAL – Emily Lorraine Mullins was crowned Little Miss Territorial Queen for the 84th Strawberry Festival. The court consists of (from left) 3rd Maid Charlie Phillips, daughter of Kyle and Ashley Phillips; 1st Maid Aurie Estes, daughter of Charlei and Jessica Estes; Queen Emily Lorraine Mullins, daughter of Johnny and Britney Mullins; 2nd Maid Avery Emison, daughter of R.J. and April Emison; and 4th Maid Bella Kate Batton, daughter of Chad and Josefina Batton.

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