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Hesse announces candidacy for mayor of Dyer

The following political announcement is paid for by the candidate.


James (Jim) Hesse is announcing his candidacy for the office of mayor of Dyer.

I have spent my entire adult life serving America and its citizens, first in the military and then in my career working for America’s manned spaceflight programs and our nation’s missile defense programs. Now I would like to continue by serving the people of Dyer as their mayor.

I am looking forward to applying my years of business management and engineering experience for the benefit of our community and the people of Dyer.

As your mayor, I am committed to improving Dyer and will work fulltime every day to make Dyer a better place to live and raise a family.

Who am I? I am a retired program manager and engineer that tested solid and liquid propulsion systems (rockets) for NASA and DOD. I worked my way up through engineering into management and then into program management and retired as a certified program manager. I spent roughly 30 years performing or managing rocket testing and the last 10 years managing commercial programs involving jet engine testing and cryogenic (LNG) tank manufacturing.

My work experience encompasses rocket propulsion test engineering, program management, governmental budgeting, organizational management, business development, risk management, personnel management, quality and safety management, contract administration, facility/systems maintenance, DOL, OSHA and EPA regulations.

As I have gone door to door talking with the people of Dyer, I have heard the same concerns over and over about the high cost of city services (water/sewer), how the streets and sidewalks need repair, how yards and roads flood when it rains, about the abandoned houses and dilapidated buildings around town, about the lack of new businesses and new jobs ,along with many other similar concerns. I know that all of these concerns can be addressed through an organized effort and commonsense management of spending.

People say that we can’t do things in Dyer because Dyer doesn’t have any money; the city brings in around $1 million a year, we need to wisely spend this money to make Dyer attractive to new businesses and new homes so that we can grow and do more for the people of Dyer.

I believe the citizens of Dyer deserve a mayor that has the knowledge and experience, working fulltime to improve our community, the local economy, attract new businesses and homes, and improve the quality of life in Dyer.

Together we can make Dyer a safe family-oriented community that we are proud to call home.

My main commitments to the citizens of Dyer are:

  • Safety of our citizens:
  • Putting the people first, resolving citizens’ concerns and complaints;
  • Ensuring that your tax dollars are spent wisely and accounted for:
  • Securing grants for infrastructure improvements (roads, sidewalks and community facilities);
  • Fixing the storm water drain system throughout the city;
  • Revitalizing downtown through infrastructure improvements, support of existing businesses and attracting new business;
  • Cleaning up dilapidated buildings and abandoned houses throughout Dyer;
  • Enlisting the Small Business Administration to help local businesses and entrepreneurs;
  • Expanding youth recreational activities;
  • Renovation and expansion of David Robinson Park;
  • Expanding senior citizens’ activities;
  • Planning for the future of the City of Dyer.

Visit “Jim Hesse for Dyer” on Facebook.


  1. Judy Nicks on October 10, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Why can’t DYER COUNTY have OUR OWN MAYOR. He can’t be in 2 cities at same time. Thus not right. We want 1 from our town. This is purely WRONG. Whoever made this needs to UNDO IT. THANK U. WE WANT OUR OWN MAYOR.

    • Judy Nicks on October 10, 2020 at 8:18 am

      We want a Dyersburg MAYOR.

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