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Boykin authors first book – “R.E.V.E.A.L the Year Without My Dad”

Donvinnie Boykin

is adding to his resume. Come this fall, in addition to being a fashion model, celebrity wardrobe stylist, creative director, entrepreneur and philanthropist, he will also be an author. The West Tennessee native will release his first book, “R.E.V.E.A.L” this fall.

“R.E.V.E.A.L” will be an anthology that will cover a number of emotional moments and issues that Boykin faced following the death of his father, Coach Thomas Boykin, in 2018.  The issues have shaped Boykin to become the empowered man he is today.

“As an African American male we are often told to hide our emotions and refrain from expressing them even when that something or someone hurts them. We have been taught that black males don’t cry. We have to play the part of a tough non-emotional black male. The words ‘I’m good’ and ‘I’ll be all right’ seems to be familiar. As men we have had male figures tell us that when we express ourselves we are considered vulnerable, or weak.”  Boykin stated.

Through out Boykin’s book, he will talk about various challenges in the African American community of being a black male, along with opening up about his darkest moments in his life following the death of this father.

“Putting yourself out there in these times can be both a blessing and a curse.” Boykin said.

It has taken him two years to open up about his feelings and during this process it allowed him to heal.

“I was once told God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have learned to be strong, but not for myself, but for a greater purpose. That purpose is for others, because someone out there really needs to hear this. I am a strong black man who has triumphed over adversity and created his own path in life.” Boykin said.

“REVEAL is my best work yet,” he noted. “I am more than a model or a handsome face. I’m here to not only share my truth and my story but hopefully be a light in someone’s life. I want to encourage someone and show them there is light at the end of the tunnel and that everyone process death in a different way. Knowing this now you don’t have to second-guess your thoughts or actions. This is my personal journey and I needed to express myself a way that I needed to heal.”

Leading up to the launch of his book, Boykin will be headlining a social media campaign addressing adversity in African American men, with “The Man Behind the Mask”. The Man Behind the Mask will be a social platform where African American men can address issues as well as open up about their lives and difficulties within their communities. This platform will also touch on mental illness within the African American community as well as social justice.

“In every person their lives two possible selves the lead and the understudy,” stated Boykin. “The understudy hides in the shadows while the lead takes the center stage to everything he can to get an applause, but after the bows are taken and the lights goes down the understudy takes the stage and performs to an empty room hoping that no one can hear.”

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