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Your Right to Know

Court Report

Leigh Hayes, reckless driving

Rocky Snider Jr., driving without DL

Robert Jones, Public intoxication

Stephanie McKeel, simple possession, Sch. II

Percy Roberson, simple domestic assault

Nick Bahannon, simple domestic assault, comtempt of court

Brandon Thomas, domestic assaults

Jeremy Walton, simple domestic assault

Jamey Graves, domestic assault

Fadarious Richardson, domestic assault

Carlos Wardlow, waived to grand jury

Trenton Court Report

Gary Pickard – driving while licensed revoked

Dustin Lee Graham –bound over to Grand Jury after preliminary hearing

Montarius Douglas – bound over to Grand Jury after preliminary hearing

Nancy Osborne – simple possession meth

Nancy Osborne – drug paraphernalia

Nancy Osborne – possession of weapon

Christopher D. Bell – driving without driver’s license

Laura Latham – attempted simulation

Jason Seymore – reset 1-7-20

Samantha Howell – driving on suspended

Charles B Taylor – driving without driver’s licenses

Jennifer W. Sisco – driving without driver’s licenses

Omar Pacheco – evading

Jana Pennell – evading

Colby King – resisting, diversion

Zachary Powell – resisting

Rebecca Gresham – drug paraphernalia

Jonathan David Griffin – DUI first offense

Jimmy R. Price – DUI third offense

Cynthia Powell – drug paraphernalia

Laura Latham – two counts forgery attempt

Gregory D. Hooks – domestic assault

Mark D. Lewis – simple possession Sch. VI

David S. Adams – DUI first offense

Christy Lou Baughham – resisting

Kimberly J. Blundell – simple possession Sch. VI

Kimberly J. Blundell – reckless driving

Hunter Holt – vandalism up to $1,000

Samantha English – simple Sch. VI

Christopher D. Clark – domestic assault

Christopher D. Clark – domestic assault

Randy Jefferson Gooch – bound over to Grand Jury, waived preliminary hearing

Rodney Bane – domestic assault

Stephan L. Tatum – reckless driving

Terry Griffin – bound over to Grand Jury, waived preliminary hearing

Jessica Howland – bound over to Grand Jury waived, preliminary hearing

Kenneth Wayne Higdon – bound over to Grand Jury after preliminary hearing

Isaiah Mann – DUI first offense

Richard Alan Nguire – DUI first offense

Richard Alan Nguire – simple possession Sch. II

Janice Drake – driving without driver’s license

Lela Drake – driving without driver’s license

Antonio Flores – simple possession Sch. VI

Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 12/23/2019 through 01/05/2020:

Xavier Devon Epperson, 27, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 12/27/2019, Stop and Shop; Charges: driving rev/susp/exp license. Arresting officer: K9 Stewart.

Dylan Lee Hudspeth, 21, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 12/29/2019, 1516 Etheridge; Charges: aggravated burglary, picked up for other agency, assault, contributing to delinquency of minor. Arresting officer: PTL Grisham.

Travis Louis Robinson, 31, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 12/23/2019, Walmart; Charges: 911 calls in non-emerg situations prohib. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Bailey Paige Williams-McCoy, 18, of Medina; Arrest date and location: 12/29/2019, 1517 Etheridge; Charges: aggravated burglary, assault, contributing to delinquency of minor. Arresting officer: PTL Grisham.

Kiera Elizabeth Allen, 19, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 01/05/2020, 1421 Osborne; Charges: filing false report. Arresting officer: PTL Stewart.

Candy Marie Cunningham, 31, of Milan; Arrest date and location: 01/03/2020, Luck Madden Rd; Charges: evading arrest, resisting arrest/stop, halt, frisk. Arresting officer: PTL Estes.

Alex M. Dameron, 38, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 01/04/2020, 1421 Osborne St; Charges: aggravated sexual battery. Arresting officer: LT Williams.

Jaylon Irvin Tucker, 19, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 12/30/2019, Rachel’s and 22nd; Charges: aggravated burglary, theft of property, evading arrest, possession of sch VI, tampering with or fabricating evidence. Arresting officer: Inv. Williams.

John Allen Yarbrough, 25, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 01/04/2020, 2902 Vine St; Charges: picked up for other agency. Arresting officer: PTL Cano.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 12/30/2019 through 01/05/2020.

Charles William Ross Jr., b/m, 63 – reckless endangerment, possession of handgun while under the influence

Anthony Bernard Cartwright Jr., b/m, 33 – capias

Tara Lynne Deinhart, w/f, 29 – capias

Dequan Shquielle Glascoe, b/m, 26 – capias

Isaiah Solis Huerta Jr. , h/m, 50 – criminal impersonation

Joshua Ryan Hutson, w/m, 30 – grounds for arrest by office without warrant

Cortez Devon Jackson, b/m, 26 – capias

Gary Nicholas Pickard, w/m, 32 – capias

Michelle Denise Rinks, w/f, 48 – capias


Wall Street Grill, Humboldt, complete inspection, 92 score

Wall Street Grill, Humboldt, follow-up inspection, 97 score

Golden Palace, Trenton, complete inspection, 88 score, two criticals

China House, Milan, complete inspection, 78 score, four criticals

El Vallarta, Trenton, complete inspection, 91 score, one critical

Hicks-Phelan VFW Post, Trenton, complete inspection, 100 score

Golden Palace, Trenton, follow-up inspection, 98 score

T&G Miracle Food Express, Humboldt, complete inspection, 92 score, one critical

China House, Milan, follow-up inspection, 98 score

T&G Miracle Food Express, Humboldt, follow-up inspection, 97 score

El Vallarta, Trenton, follow-up inspection, 97 score


Jerry Thomas Braddock of Humboldt and Melissa McKinnie Pledge of Bells

David Lee Damron of Milan and Sarah Nicole Mitchell of Milan

Jimmy Franklin Gilliland of Rutherford and Stacy Lee Ann Campbell VanDyke of Rutherford

Matthew Kent McNabb of Trenton and Joanna Carol Parrish of Trenton


Judy Liebenow vs. Carson Liebenow

Real Estate Transfers

David Gordon to Marsha Wood – Trenton – $57,900

Bradley Lindsey and wife, Kristi Lindsey to Derek Ryan – Medina – $204,900

David L. Pickering and Virginia M. Borzellere to Brenda Joy Cultra and husband, Randall Gene Cultra – Trenton – $82,400

Terry Walker and Deborah Tate to Gary Don Thompson and wife, Shelly Carol Thompson – 6th CD – $234,680

Cynthia B. Saveh to Sakeitha L. Williams – Medina – $141,000

KOKA Development, LLC to Clark Family Holdings, LLC – Medina – $ 50,000

Carolyn Zimmerman to Justin Schroeder and wife, Allison Whitener Schroeder – Dyer – $201,000

Joshua W. Barker and wife, Quentella Barker to Cherie Martin and husband, Joshua Martin – Medina – $169,900

Timothy J. Malone and wife, Pamela K.  Malone to Roy L. Bonds, Jr and wife, Chasita Bonds – Trenton – $25,000

Janet Trueman to Mark A. Thornton and wife, Peggy S. Thornton – Medina – $195,000

Marsha Witwer, f/k/a Marsha B. Forsyth, to Hannah Hill – Trenton – $70,000

Jerry G. Sowell to Juan Blanco and Sayra Perez-Padilla – Humboldt – $90,000

Terry Gene Wynn to Manish Patel – Humboldt – $29,000

Barry Allen, d/b/a Barry Allen Construction, to R. Alan Barnwell and wife, Ann H. Barnwell – Milan – $236,900

Lonney C. Miller and wife, Mary Miller to Kevin Matthew Hornsby and wife, Candace Nicole Hornsby – Rutherford – $161,000

James Belew Beasley, Jr.  to Craig Hollaway – Milan – $144,000

Sarah Jo Cunningham, f/k/a Sarah Jo Maitland, to Thomas P. McCaslin and wife, Pamela J. McCaslin – Humboldt – $90,000

Carthel Jack Finch and wife, Debbie Ann Finch to Station Nine Rescue Squad – Rutherford – $45,000

Alan Rasmussen and wife, Marlene Rasmussen to Ed Norman – Trenton – $5,000

Darryl Horne and wife, Susan H. Horne to Kenneth Z. Hilliard and Morgan R. Law – Medina – $345,000

Buried Treasures, LLC and Helen M. Eaton to Jason T. Martin – Milan – $83,000

Sam Stinson to Hi Tech Properties L.C. – Milan – $135,000

Edward Korn, III and wife, Heather Korn to Myron L. Medlin and wife, Kristine E. Medlin – Trenton – $210,000

Brenton Moore and wife, Courtney Moore to Taw W. Sipes – Milan – $157,000

Hale Estates, LLC to Clark Family Holdings, LLC – Humboldt – $60,000

HAK Acquisitions, LLC to Matthew T. Heisler and wife, Aimee Michelle Heisler – Milan – $187,500

Hilda Ann Stanley, Mark Dale Stanley and wife, Leah Anne Stanley to Patrick M. Hughes and wife, Carrie L. Hughes – Humboldt – $139,900

Lora Parris to Max A. Dashnaw and wife, Billie J. Dashnaw – Medina – $124,900

Robert Spencer, Jr. and Sandra Spencer Barkley, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Robert Lynn Spencer, Sr., to Justin A. Parrish – Medina – $224,000

Daryle Ray Laster to AP Vanguard TN Chapter 001, Inc – Bradford – $30,000

David S. Kinniburgh and wife, Janette Kinniburgh to Bradley T. Zill and wife, Amanda M. Zill – Medina – $253,900

Mullen Construction Company, Inc. to Courtney Ballentine and Bradley Ballentine – Trenton – $120,000

Donald Yoder and wife, Julia Yoder to James Yoder and wife, Esther Yoder – Rutherford – $458,750

Donald Yoder and wife, Julia Yoder to Steve Yoder and wife, Barbara Yoder – Rutherford – $216,250

Addie Rose Brelsford, Trustee of the Addie Rose Brelsford Revocable Living Trust – Rutherford – $38,000

April Shebesh to Christy Eubanks – Dyer – $33,142

Jana Ray to Connor Jace Reeves – Kenton $35,000

Pauline Bogle, Brenda Ruth Pickard, Anita Rose Greene and Mary Beth Webb to W.L. Patterson – Milan – $30,000

Christopher Sampson to Charles B. Watkins and wife, Sufeng Li Watkins – Humboldt – $119,900

John Franklin Warmath to Lashlee Rich Building Materials -Humboldt – $10,000

Mike Hawks to H. Grant Bloecher and wife, Kathryn E. Bloecher – Humboldt – $88,000

Judith S. Martin to Hobock Properties, Inc.- Humboldt – $53,000

Stanley T. Sanders and wife, Elizabeth A. Sanders to Corbin Chandler – Humboldt – $75,000

Cynthia Arnold to Edward Guyton – Humboldt – $6,000

Ginger Pitts to Aurelio Baez and wife, Christina M. Baez – Milan – $48,000

Donna G. Counce and husband, John P. Counce to The Greene Children’s Trust – Dyer – $280,500

Ducky’s Holding Corporation and Jeffrey T. Triplett and Teresa H. Triplett to Charles E. Baker and wife, Amy A. Baker – Milan – $15,000

Stephen D. Ray and wife, Kelly J. Ray to Juan D. Marroquin Larios, Jorge Alexander Campos and Claudia Y. Larios Gonzalez – Medina – $210,000Joyce J. Duck, by and through Attorney-In-Fact Barbara Adams, and Barbara dams to Jeff Holt and wife, Kimberly Holt – 25th CD – $42,000

Elizabeth Smallwood, f/k/a Elizabeth J. Barnes to Quan Sui Zi Shi, a/k/a Chelsea Shi Jackson – Medina – $129,850

HAK Acquisitions, LLC to Edward Rushing – Milan – $187,500

Sandra Buzard to Mary Thomas and husband, John Thomas – Trenton – $119,900

William Kendall Penney and wife, Andrea Jane Penney to Marty K. Capps and wife, Mary A. Capps – Milan – $320,000

Justin McNabb and wife, Jennifer McNabb to William K. Penney and Andrea J. Penney – Millan – $260,000

Larry Butler and wife, Shelia Butler to John Hopper and wife, Melissa Hopper – Medina – $15,000

Richard Hopkins to Gibson County Municipal Water District – Trenton – $5,000

Mary Ann Armstrong, Patsy Joyce Hughes, Wanda Gail Quinn and Donna Sue Taylor to Brian W. Zimny and wife, Alane M. Zimny and Hollis Clenney – Milan – $40,000

HAK Aquisitions, LLC to Kevin Finnegan and wife, Jessica V. Finnegan – Milan – $183,500

Daniel Sidney East, II to Timothy G. Jones and Joshua C. Hayes – Rutherford – $31,000

Billy Wayne Alexander and Linda D. Alexander to Wanda Lee Helton – Humboldt – $18,500

Annamarie Taylor Valdes, John Lewis Watson Taylor, as Executor of the Estate of Kathryn Taylor McCullough to Richard Hopkins – Trenton – $10,000

Joshua David Green to William R. Corwin and wife, Marcia M. Corwin – Milan – $55,000

Killion-Reyes Properties, LLC to Forged Investments, LLC – Rutherford – $63,000

Timothy Allen Thedford, Jr.  to James Harold Douglas, II – Bradford, $3,000

Stephen Allen Butler to Wade Lee Helton – Humboldt – $5,500

Johnny Pickle and wife, Donna Pickle and Peggy Griffin to Scott A. Powell – Trenton – $20,000

Candace M. Perry, f/k/a Candace M. Stone, to James Heath McGarity – Medina – $141,100

Linda Anderson to Richard J. Coel and wife, Maria S. Coel – Trenton – $33,000

Barry Scott Combs to Casey Taggart – Milan – $33,500

Regions Bank, d/b/a Regions Mortgage, to Federal National Mortgage Association – Milan

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to Brandon Michael Smith and wife, Montana Lea Smith – Medina – $259,699.03

Sabrina Langston to Jacob Faulkner – Rutherford – $9,500

Jacquelyn B. Worley, f/k/a Jacquelyn B. Vanderroest, to Derrick L. Bell and wife, Lisa M. Bell – Milan – $69,500

Jason Guest to Darrell West, Christina West and Courtney West – Medina – $120,500

Nelson Lee Jackson to Albert Edward Jackson – Kenton – $25.000

Amber Arnold Travis, f/k/a Amber Arnold, to Scott Owen Miles and wife, Amanda Joy Miles – Milan – $145,000

Jessica Stegall and husband, Joshua Stegall to Thomas S. Diamond, II and wife, Meagan Diamond – Medina – $171,000

Escue Wood Treated Products, LLC to Hixson Lumber Sales of TN, Inc. Milan – $1,980,000

Copper Door, LLC to Jeffrey Reel and wife, Nancy Colleen Reel – Rutherford – $40,000

Wayne Wendt and wife, Bonita Wendt, d/b/a Lady Bug Learning Center, to Kristopher Hardin and wife, Laura Hardin – Bradford – $35,000

Helping Hand of Humboldt, Inc. to Charles P. Wilson, Inc. – Humboldt – $25,000

Jonah W. Horner to Bailey A. Carroll and Roger Carroll and wife, Carla Carroll – Trenton – $115,000

Harold Glenn Ford and Clara Lynne Stuard to Shoaf Investment Partnership – Milan – $240,000

Wallace Hendon and wife, Jennifer Hendon to Darryl Marcle and wife, Beth Marcle – Trenton – $50,000

The City of Dyer to The Industrial Development Board of the City of Dyer – Dyer

Bradley Owens and wife, Alicia Owens to Kyle Budd and wife, Mica L. Budd – Medina – $255,000

Leah M. Evans, f/k/a Leah M. Farley, to Arline A. Lloyd – Dyer – $55,000

Barry Brittain and wife, Leanne Brittain to Charles K. Creasy and wife, Glenda L. Creasy – $275,000

Carol A. Hunt, Trustee of the Blazer Trust and Trustee of the Mitchell Trust, to Shawn Prendergast and wife, Kristen White – Milan – $235,000

Joe A. Appleton and wife, Joan E. Appleton to Joseph Blake Parson and wife, Crystal L. Hoonhorst-Parson – Milan – $322,718

Lisa Montague to Larry Johnson – Humboldt – $5,000

Annamaria Valdes and John Lewis Taylor to Chance M. Reed – Trenton – $102,000

Lori Essery and Scottie Griffin to Jack Joyner – Humboldt – $86,500

Janice Reed to McKenzie Banking Company – Humboldt – $284,500

Diana Galloway, Shirley Ann Galloway and Lynn C. Galloway to Jackson 38301, LLC – Humboldt – $150,000

Hazel Rose, LLC, Joe Porter, Brock Porter and Andrew Porter and Porter Family Limited Partnership to James Ramey – Trenton – $280,000

Jessica Nicole Chandler and husband, Robert David Chandler to Jessika Blair London and David Derry – Humboldt – $313,000

Building Permits

Eddie Goodwin, 28 John Neal Road, Bradford

Clark Homes, 18 Tara Drive, Medina

Clark Homes, 3 McMillion Cove, Medina

Vicki Morris, 118 Mathis Crossing, Milan

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