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Gibson County Leadership group visits County Commission

By Steve Short

The Gibson County Adult Leadership Class for 2019-20 attended the Nov. 18 meeting of the Gibson County Commission during a day in which the group visited county government and public safety organizations.

Leadership class members introduced themselves to commissioners, giving their names, hometowns and place of employment. Commissioners, in turn, introduced themselves to the class, each commissioner describing the districts they represent in the county.

Mayor Tom Witherspoon welcomed the leadership class members and described some of the duties carried out by the commission.

“We’ve got 25 good commissioners who work hard to do the business of the county,” he said, listing development of the county budget and setting tax rates as two obligations. “Let commissioners know what your interests are; stay engaged in county government,” the mayor told the group.

Amy Dover McLemore, a member of the Leadership Class, described the busy day for the class on a Facebook post, which included photos of the group’s activities.

“Yesterday the 2019-2020 Gibson County Adult Leadership class learned more about our local county government and public safety,” said McLemore. “We were able to tour Gibson County EMS, attend a county commission meeting, and tour the Gibson County Correctional Complex, the Gibson County Courthouse, Chancery Court, and the Dyer Water Treatment and Wastewater Plant.

“Guest speakers were Sheriff Paul Thomas, Judge Mark Agee, Assistant District Attorney General Jennifer McEwen, District Public Defender Rachele Gibson, and Circuit Court Clerk Cindy Flowers.

“Lastly, we presented a check to The Orchard House for recent funds raised for one of our group projects,” said McLemore. “We are just local people trying to make a difference in the communities we serve!”

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