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Court Report

Brian Pearson – simple possession of Schedule VI

Melissa Lewis – DUI (2nd)

Franklin Richards – criminal offenses against animals – attempt

Dana Lewis – attempt auto burglary

Jeffrey Somerville – criminal contempt

Armonado Lopez-Mendez – domestic assault

Charles Joseph Baker – criminal impersonation

Vincent Brown – unlawful possession of a weapon

Christopher James – theft under $1,000

Fadarious Richardson – domestic assault

Wesley young – simple possession of Schedule I

Brandon Wesley – contempt of court

Koren Mitchem – driving on revoked DL

Bethany Carter – driving without DL

Jameson Gallaway – resisting arrest

Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 11/11/2019 through 11/17/2019:

Crystal James Hines, 38, of Jackson; Arrest date and location: 11/16/2019, 2811 Main St.; Charges: mfg/del/sell controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, financial responsibility law, display of plates. Arresting officer: PTL Stewart.

Robert Leroy Jones, 64, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/17/2019, Dover’s; Charges: public intoxication. Arresting officer: SGT Wilson.

Christopher Lee Kuykendall, 44, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/16/2019, 28th/Main; Charges: driving rev/susp/exp license, driving under influence, violation open container, violation implied consent law. Arresting officer: PTL Cooper.

Joseph Michael Leynes, 42, of Newbern; Arrest date and location: 11/16/2019, Exxon; Charges: driving rev/susp/exp license, possession of drug paraphernalia, financial responsibility law, display of plates, poss of substances w/int to mfg sch II. Arresting officer: PTL Stewart.

Christian Keaphon McDowell, 27, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/16/2019, Plaza; Charges: driving rev/susp/exp license. Arresting officer: PTL Yarbrough.

Rachel Nicole McMinn, 21, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/17/2019, 70/79 and Dana; Charges: disorderly conduct, domestic assault. Arresting officer: PTL Cano.

Montavious Demon Pettigrew, 24, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/14/2019, 4th Ave & Maple St.; Charges: unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of sch VI, window, tinted. Arresting officer: ASAC Rich.

Matthew Wayne Reeder, 38, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/17/2019, 1415 Sunset Dr.; Charges: domestic assault, vandalism, retaliation past action. Arresting officer: PTL Cooper.

Michael Allen Reeder, 38, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/17/2019, 1415 Sunset Dr.; Charges: domestic assault, vandalism. Arresting officer: PTL Cooper.

James Anthony Slates, 51, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 11/11/2019, 1006 Etheridge; Charges: aggravated assault. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 11/11/2019 through 11/17/2019.

Jeremy Monroe Allen, w/m, 44 – attachment order, capias

Shamondre Ladontes Anderson, b/m, 26 – schedule VI drug violations

Steven Michael Brooks, w/m, 53 – capias, attachment order

Tina Marie Crutchfield, w/f, 35 – attachment order

Relenzia Devonna Doyle, w/f, 36 – bond revoked

James Walter Duncan Jr., b/m, 43 – capias

Benjamin Russell Fuller, w/f, 25 – other, schedule II drug violations, immediate notice of accident, driving on revoked/suspended license

Kenneth Wayne Higdon, w/m, 57 – capias

Jonathon Lynn Luten, b/m, 36 – theft of property, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, illegal possession of firearm – domestic violence relat, aggravated robbery

Lisa Lyell, w/f, 44 – assault, resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search (non-violent)

Jessica Faye McCaskill, w/f, 29 – capias

Nathan Lee Page, w/m, 23 – capias

Tristian Shada Peoples, b/m, 29 – capias

Brandon Thomas Wesley, w/m, 32 – contempt of court

Kevin Ray Agee, w/m, 50 – vio. light law, violation registration law, driving on revoked/suspended license

Scott David Baldwin, w/m, 56 – rape, sexual battery

Kathryn Lea Gordon, w/f, 40 – attachment order

Evan Dexter Gray, b/m, 51 – capias

Brandon Lee Hensley, w/m, 27 – capias

Daniel Allen Mangels, w/m, 30 – attachment order

Andrea Marie Morgan, w/f, 25 – capias

Jessica Jean Sikes, w/f, 21 – resisting arrest, domestic assault

Daniel Deangelo Williams, b/m, 23 – theft of property, criminal simulation, attachment order

Derrick Antwan Wilson, b/m, 36 – speeding, evading arrest, reckless endangerment


Timmy Ray Williams of Humboldt and Tracy Elaine Harrison Prater of Humboldt

Travis Lynn McCoy of Humboldt and Mary Christine Barr Green of Humboldt

Randy Coleman Camp of Humboldt and Carrie Lee York of Humboldt

Jack Lee Carter of Milan and Leta Brianne Polasek of Milan

Joe Campbell Aitken of Bradford and Pamela Susan Reichelt Shabatura of Milan


Bethany DeGroff vs Andrew Neal McGroff

Rodney L. Bosley vs Linda Gonzales Bosley

Real Estate Transfers

Stephanie Junior and Cedric Partee to Anthony Rodgers and wife, Phelicia Rodgers – Bradford – $4,000

Donnie Morgan to Joy Cody and wife, Patsy Cody – Milan – $62,500

Carolyn A. Lowey to Mark Wall and wife, Buffy Wall – Trenton – $302,000

Amanda Houston, f/k/a Amanda Leyhue, to Aubrey N. Walgreen – Milan – $125,500

Leslie Black Lewis to Amanda Houston – Milan – $89,900

W.F. Jones, Jr. and Tire Distributors Warehouse, Inc. to Bloecher Family Farms, L.P. – 7, 18 and 20th CDs – $204,

Bro-Co, a partnership consisting of Paul Bradley Rogers and James Zachary Rogers, to Brian Smith and wife, Jennifer Smith – Humboldt – $32,000

Harold Baucom and wife, Beverly Baucom to Jake H. Lewis and wife, Lauren N. Lewis – Trenton – $93,000

W.F. Jones, Jr. and Tire Distributors Warehouse, Inc. to Joshua T. Bloecher and wife, Alyna M. Bloecher – 28 and 20th CDs – $535,900

Thomas L. Manner, a/k/a Tommy Manner, and Kevin W. Manner to Steve Miller and wife, Alice Miller – Humboldt – $5,500

Paul Stanley to Caleb Curlin – Humboldt – $24,000

Paul Stanley, Jason Stanley and Stephanie Stanley to Caleb Curlin – Humboldt – $48,000

Frank K. Seyerle and wife, Audrey L. Seyerle to Anita Allen – Medina – $231,000

Michael Willey and wife, Jennifer Willey to Buried Treasurers, LLC  – 16th CD – $95,000

Terry L. Mitchell and wife, Donnah Mitchell to Dorothea J. McManis and Richard Shankle – Bradford – $10,000

Katondra J. Lawson and husband, Michael D. Lawson to Roger Lee Sherrill and wife, Shelia Sherrill – Humboldt – $129,000

John Franklin Warmath to Charles P. Wilson Foundation, Inc. Humboldt – $35,000

Jane D. Cary to Kevin Crosno – 11th CD of Carroll County – $28,500

Marilyn Anne Vaughn to Joseph A. Spellings and Jonathan James – Dyer – $28,000

Tommy G. Long and wife, Patricia Long to Bobbie Stanford and Larry Stanford – Bradford – $42,000

Carol Tritt Venable as President and Jewel Tritt as Secretary of Tritt Farm Management. Inc., a General Partnership of the Edwin Tritt and Jewel Tritt Family Limited Partnership, to William Alan Whitby and Brian Edward Whitby – 6th CD – $150,000

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