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Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 09/16/2019 through 09/22/2019:

Dallas Ray Brogdon, 33, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 09/18/2019, Heritage Inn; Charges: disorderly conduct, mfg/del/sell controlled substance. Arresting officer: PTL Cooper.

Elizabeth Shereece Cain, 40, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 09/20/2019, HPD; Charges: contributing to delinquency of minor. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Joshua Larrenze Dickerson, 21, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 09/20/2019, HPD; Charges: assault. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Patrick Ryan Ingram, 40, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 09/18/2019, King Tire; Charges: domestic assault, evading arrest, vandalism. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Christopher Andrew James, 38, of Corinth, MA.; Arrest date and location: 09/16/2019, Walmart; Charges: theft of property – merchandise. Arresting officer: PTL Phillips.

James Caprice Murriel, 45, of Trenton; Arrest date and location: 09/21/2019, Tick’s Bar; Charges: disorderly conduct. Arresting officer: PTL Phillips.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 09/16/2019 through 09/22/2019.

Christopher John Astuto, w/m, 36 – capias

Clifford Ray Bracknell, w/m, 50 – driving on revoked/suspended license, unregistered vehicle

Clint Nathan Flowers, w/m, 26 – domestic assault

Joseph Lester Haven, w/m, 25 – sexual assault w/an object, aggravated sexual battery

Jimmy Ray Hensley, w/m, 60 – driving under the influence first offense

Patrick Ryan Ingram, w/m, 40 – aggravated burglary, theft of property

Oscar Edward Mance, b/m, 43 – child abuse or neglect (non-violent)

Dennis Edward Morris, w/m, 48 – attachment order

George Everett Seaton, w/m, 38 – capias

Clarence Edward Spinks, b/m, 41 – capias

Joe Marvin Tate, w/m, 48 – capias

Donald Neel Barber, w/m, 50 – attachment order

James Prentice Bullington, w/m, 55 – capias

Larry Joe Davis, w/m, 58 – aggravated assault

Demonze Datrel’l Dowell, b/m, 16 – tampering with or fabricating evidence/destruction of evidence, murder second degree, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, illegal possession of firearm – domestic violence relat

Jeremy Lynn Duncan, w/m, 39 – attachment order

Anthena Kamaya Freeman, w/f, 41 – attachment order

Christopher Ryan Howard, w/m, 24 – assault

Christopher Andrew James, w/m, 38 – theft of property (shoplifting)

Tosha Lynne Johnson, b/f, 28 – child abuse or neglect (non-violent), simple possession/casual exchange, child restraint law, open container law, driving under the influence, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activitions, vio. light law

Abagail Lou Ann Kennedy, w/f, 29 – violation of probation

Jason Alan Marcus, w/m, 41 – capias

Courtney Rena Mealer, w/f, 34 – domestic assault

Emani Symmone Melton, b/f, 22 – capias

Mark Jason Oliver, w/m, 46 – contempt of court

Susan Elizabeth Simmons, w/f, 36 – unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, simple possession/casual exchange, violation of probation

Deonta Terrence Snow, b/m, 19 – vandalism, aggravated assault


Jeffery Dewayne Price of Milan and Melissa Dawn Pigg West of Milan

Charles Alan Alexander II of Trenton and Madison Brooke Smith of Trenton

Brandon Wayne White of Milan and Emily Catherine Johnson of Milan

Seth Seaborn Jones of Franklin and Katelyn Nicole Hamilton of Franklin

Glenn Douglas Cooper of Bradford and Maegen Marie Markle of Bradford

Reagan Wesley Barnhart of Medina and Eden Marie Abbott of Mountain Home, Arkansas

Real Estate Transfers

Jerry Foren and wife, Evaline H. Foren to Steve Yoder and wife, Barbara Yoder – Bradford – $282,000

Karen Newsom and Tommy Lee McKee, Co-Executors of the Estate of Betty Jo King McKee, to Jacob Deven Cavaness and Robert Craig Cavaness – Milan – $85,000

Jennifer McEarl Morgan and Brandon Dennon Morgan to Kevin Austin Seaton and Sara Olivia Kirkland – Medina – $157,900

Crosswynd Partners to Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson – 301 Saddlebrook Drive – Medina – $36,000

Crosswynd Partners to Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson – 313 Saddlebrook Drive – Medina – $36,000

Crosswynd Partners to Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson – 321 Saddlebrook Drive – Medina – $36,000

Crosswynd Partners to Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson – 107 Steeplechase Drive a/k/a 306 Saddlebrook Drive – Medina – $36,000

Cathleen M. Shannon to Charles Ray Carter and wife, Melissa Sue Carter – Milan – $41,000

Phillip Agee and wife, Cynthia Agee to Barry G. Brittain and wife, Leanne Brittain – Humboldt – $420,000

Jerry L. Gordon and wife, Nancy R. Gordon to Collins Real Estate Services, LLC – Gibson – $15,000

US Assets Acquisition, LLC to SCF RC Funding IV LLC – Milan – $700,000

Magness Oil Company to US Assets Acquisition, LLC – Milan – $780,000

Joseph N. Warren and Mary Bedwell to Floyd Yarbro, as Trustee of the Floyd Yarbro Family 2019 Trust, – Kenton – $12,000

Bret McMillion, Brock Porter and Andrew Porter to KOKA Development, LLC – Medina – $330,000

Edna Casey to Debra James – Milan – $3,000

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Dylan Lee Murdock – Dyer – $47,000

Ernestine Little to Sheila L. Keltner and Steve A. Little – Milan – $53,000

Melvin Hughes and wife, Susan Lee Hughes to Michael Jason Ricketts and wife, Shea W. Ricketts – Milan – $189,900

Wanda Elder to Frank Napierala and wife, Joyce Napierala – Medina – $290.000

Francis P. Napierala and wife, Joyce A. Napierala to Steven R. Corey and wife, Brenda G. Corey – Humboldt – $365,000

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Nathan Henry Moffatt and Candace Denise Moffatt – Trenton – $75,000

Katherine Mignon Denton and Christopher Blake Denton to Frank Perry and wife, Margaret Perry – Humboldt – $245,000

Donald R. Zarecor and Will Zarecor to Brandon Rickman and wife, Brandy Rickman – 8th CD – $85,000

James Robert Watson and wife, Paula Gail Watson to Danny Dotson and wife, Milissia Dotson – Dyer – $22,000

William Scott Martin and wife, Elizabeth M. Martin to John Tankersley and wife, Emir Tankersley – Humboldt – $65,000

Brenda Bell and husband, Joe Bell to Danny Smith and wife, Joan Smith – Humboldt – $28,000

Andrew M. Allen to Michael T. Hinnant and Michael J. Hinnant – Milan – $75,000

Sandra Kay Harper to Morgan Spellings Hardegree and husband, William J. Hardegree – Trenton – $185,000

Milisa L. Denton to HAK Acquisitions, LLC – Milan – $65,000

Ritchie Dale Hampton and Tiffany Lynn Hampton, by and through her Attorney-in-Fact Ritchie Dale Hampton, to Yolanda K. Jackson – Trenton – $83,000

Holt Shoaf to Noah Wesley Smith and wife, Kelia Paige Smith – Dyer – $3,000

Virginia E. Boone to Alicia Bumphus – Dyer – $190,000

Tammy Cox to Marilyn Sawyers – Humboldt – $38,700

Trent Britt and wife, Amanda Kay Britt to Holt Shoaf and wife, Debra Shoaf – Milan – $11,115

Simmons Bank to Moss Enterprises, Inc. – Humboldt – $160,000

Acquisitions. LLC to Ian Michael Leonard – Milan – $179,000

Keith F. McCourt and wife, June V. McCourt to Shelby Madison Tucker and Kenneth Wayne Sanders – Medina – $101,500

Lois Jane Thompson to John Cordle – Trenton – $6,000

Drury Tyree to Kelley Christine Tyree – Trenton – $3,000

Daniel Rimmer to Carolyn S. Jackson – Trenton – $10,000

Jane Wharton to Michael Todd Blanken and wife, Shannon Diana Blanken – Humboldt – $214,900

Dustin L. McCartney and William J. Baker to Billy Joe Berry and wife, Kelly Jane Berry – Milan – $3,000

Jeffrey Wade Comstock and wife, Terrie G. Comstock to Terry Rogier – Humboldt – $74,000

Terry Fields and wife, Winifred T. Fields to Shaun Ribble and wife, Ashley Ribble – 2nd CD – $33,500

James Teague to Stephen Chad Lee – Humboldt – $5,000

Maria McMichael and Telvin Epperson to Clemon Hudson and wife, Karen Hudson – Milan – $22,500

William Barrett and wife, Teresa Barrett to Stephen Chad Lee – Humboldt – $14,000

Fannie Mae, a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association, to Brandon L. Fesmire and wife, Susan C. Fesmire – Trenton – $41,000

Patricia L. Sullivan to Sandra M. Johnson – Medina – $154,000

Heather Nicole McFarland to James Michael Pittman, Trustee of the James Michael Pittman Trust, – Humboldt – $430,000

Bradley W. Hudspeth to Dallas Trent Willis and wife, Amanda Willis – Milan – $126,000

Tiffany Dee Weaver to Jerome Perry and wife, Margaret Perry – Milan – $2,500

Angela E. Wells, individually and as Executor of the Estate of Jimmy Van Eubanks, Shaunna Marie Copp and Christy Gail Eubanks to Charles Lee Johnson – Humboldt – $37,000

Jessica N. Murphy to Darius Armstrong and Jerlisa Brown – Milan – $119,000

John Thomas Young, Personal Representative of the Estate of Linda Jane Young, to Chrissy Petty – Humboldt – $87,000

Lindsay Hart and husband, Kevin Hart to Chad Karnes and wife, Kristine Gibbs-Karnes – Humboldt – $141,025

Larry W. Sturgis to Caleb Curlin – Trenton – $27,000

Tommy G. Long and Pat A. Long to David W. Keymon – Bradford – $15,000

Terry L. Mitchell and wife, Donnah Mitchell to David Reynolds and wife, Wanda Reynolds – Bradford – $12,000

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