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Gibson County Relay for Life events to merge into one

Mollie Lacey

Candace Dean

Relay for Life will consolidate events in 2018.

There will be just one Relay for Life event in Gibson County for 2018. Relay for Life events are the largest source of income for the American Cancer Society.
This coming year, the events for Humboldt, Medina, Milan, Gibson North, and Trenton will all be merged together into one huge event.

Additionally, Candace Dean, senior community development manager for ACS, will now be working with Crockett, Dyer, Fayette, and Lauderdale County events. Gibson County will now be staffed by Mollie Lacey.

Even though she will no longer be working with Gibson County, Dean said her passion for fighting the dreadful disease is stronger than ever.

“Finding ways to fund cancer research and support cancer patients and their loved ones has been something long important to me,” said Dean. “My fire has been lit even more the past year as I have had someone close to me diagnosed and begin treatment.”

“While I am sad to be leaving as your community manager, I am looking forward to meeting others who will continue to fight and make an impact on this disease. You will hear more from your Relay’s leadership team in the coming month, so stay tuned so that you can share the news with your team members and community! In the meantime, be sure to go onto your Relay For Life website and register your team,” she added.

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