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Smith-Wedley is candidate for Humboldt school board

Valeria Smith-Wedley is announcing her candidacy this week for the Humboldt School Board, representing Ward 5.

Smith-Wedley is a 1983 graduate of Humboldt High School and the University of Tennessee at Martin where she received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry A.C.S.  She’s currently employed as a chemist of new technology for Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation.  She is the mother of three college graduates and says she has a strong commitment to advancing education.

“I would like to inform the voters of Ward 5 that I am a candidate for school board and desire their vote. As Ward 5 representative, I will strive to find a plan that will be based on improving the students’ abilities to function in society.  The function in society may be as a college graduate, a skilled technician, a production worker or any other positive path that may be crossed,” she added.

“I am focusing on several different functions because all children will not fall in the same category of life, but if all children excel in an area of expertise it will make for a better city, state and country,” Smith-Wedley said.

To accomplish the goal of successful children, the candidate said she will weigh all options and choose the one that is in the best interest of the children. 

“I strongly believe that if you better our children’s skills it will better the cities that they choose to live in. For instance, if we have children that will live in Humboldt after graduation we want these children to be just as successful as those who go to college and move away.  To make these children successful, we must provide vocational type education. To make these children suitable for college we must provide college readiness type courses.”

“I strongly believe that no child should be left behind, but I more strongly believe that the children that choose to stay must be able to play a very important role in society and education is the answer to both situations,” she said. 

“Vote for me and I will focus on providing ‘all’ children with the educational programs that will make our cities successful,” Smith-Wedley added.

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