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Bridge repairs eyed for Turner Loop Rd.

Three Way Mayor Larry Sanders and his board will be getting estimates on the cost to repair bridge.


A bridge in Three Way in need of repair or replacement was the big item at the last Three Way City Board meeting. At the Monday, August 7 meeting,

Mayor Larry Sanders submitted documents from the state inspection of the bridge on Turner Loop Rd.

The report showed the bridge received one 4, one 5, three 6s and an 8 in a zero to nine condition guidelines. The overall rating was poor. The inspection called for reducing the weight limit on the bridge from 6-ton for 4-wheel vehicles and 11-tons for six or more wheel vehicles, to 3-tons for all vehicles due to the bridge’s condition.

With the limit reduction, the mayor contacted Jackson Madison County Schools to advise them that school busses were no longer allowed to cross over the bridge.

Even though the limit was dropped, the bridge would still need repairs. This bridge had been receiving low grades for years even prior to Three Way becoming a city. But the latest inspection showed more deterioration.

Mayor Sanders told the board that the city could repair the bridge or totally replace it. He noted that state money is available if the bridge were replaced.

Alderman Danny Wade said he would prefer to replace the bridge if the cost is feasible, especially with state funding available. He preferred not “put a band aid” on the bridge only to come back during the next inspection to find more failure. The board agreed.

Mayor Sanders said before any decision is made, the city should bring in an engineer to see how extensive repairing the bridge would be and to get an estimate of what a new bridge would cost.

The board unanimously approved the mayor’s suggestion.

In other board action:

•The mayor submitted a long-term plan for resurfacing city streets. The plan spans six years.

Using reports from Asphalt Pavement Consulting, who did surveys on Three Way’s streets last year, Mayor Sanders developed a plan following the prioritization from APC’s report.

Sanders noted this is repaving, not patching. The city will continue to patch all potholes and repair shoulders as needed.

In the mayor’s plan, year one would resurface Sunny Slope subdivision and Madison Woods in Turner Estates. Year 2 entails paving Brighton St. in North Brunswick and the Fairview subdivision. Sanders said Fairview and Sunny Slope are the oldest subdivisions in Three Way and the roads have never been repaved.

Also listed were Augusta and Rolling Acres in year three, Three Way Lane south of the bypass in year four, Fesmire, Creekside and Three Way Lane north of the bypass in year five, and Mason Rd. Cobblestone and Nika Drive for year six.

Alderlady Mary Ann Tremblay said since Fairview and Sunny Slope were the oldest, she would like to have them at the top of the list. She motioned to approve the plan with the changes and move Madison Woods to year two as part of the 6-year plan. Alderman Wade seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

•Mayor Sanders announced that Madison County Sheriff’s Department deputies are now able to write citations for violation of the city’s ordinances and the city will now receive money from fines and fees.

•City attorney, Steve Maroney, updated the board on the seven acres of land the city is purchasing adjacent to the city’s municipal complex.

Maroney said the process is running smoothly but needed to know if the city wanted to purchase title insurance to which the board agreed.

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