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EMS workers have new digs in Humboldt

HANDING OVER THE KEYS – City inspector, John Morrison (right) hands over the key to the new trailer to Gibson County EMS employee Annie Richards. Morrison has been instrumental in replacing the old dilapidates trailer with a newer model for EMS workers to use at the Humboldt site. The trailer is located next to Fire Station #2 on the Hwy. 45 Bypass.

Emergency medical professionals stationed in Humboldt have some new digs. The run down trailer used for ambulance personnel has been replaced with a new mobile home.

Gibson EMS has six stations located strategically across the county to better serve the people with quick response times. In Humboldt, that site is located at Fire Station #2 on the Hwy. 45 Bypass.

City inspector, John Morrison, has been overseeing the removal of the previous trailer and bringing in the new trailer. Morrison said this is the third trailer for the Humboldt location.

The first trailer used for EMS in Humboldt was purchased approximately 25 years ago, Morrison estimated. The second trailer had been used for over 15 years and was in bad need of repairs with sagging floors and other issues.

EMS worker, Annie Richards, who is one of the six employees at the Humboldt site, said she has been in Humboldt for about 10 years. The second trailer was being renovated at the time she hired in with new plywood flooring and carpet.

Morrison said part of the problem with Humboldt location was water drainage. Water would run underneath the trailer with no way to run off.

To remedy this problem, Morrison had two truckloads of dirt brought in prior to the new trailer arriving to the site. Concrete piers were installed to give the new trailer a stronger foundation. A small porch is also installed at the front door.

Even though Morrison calls the trailer new, it is a used trailer, but new to the Humboldt site. He said it is “like new” and only three years old. He and Richards both agree it is a huge upgrade from the old trailer.

Richards said it is nice to have a place to stay while not on an emergency call. There are three bedrooms but one of those will be used for an office. The kitchen is larger than the previous trailer’s, which Richards said would allow for EMS staff to make meals instead of always having to eat out.

There are six workers at the Humboldt location, with two-member teams running three 24-hour shifts. Workers designated in Humboldt are Richards, Brian Peay, Chelsia Ouellette, Malarie Rogers, Richard Duncan and Mack Hudspeth.

Gibson County EMS’s six locations are in Humboldt, Milan, Trenton, Dyer, Bradford and Medina. Each location has an ambulance that runs 24 hours except Medina, which only runs 12-hour shifts.

Richards said Humboldt is the busiest station of the six and responds to eight to 12 calls per day on average.

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