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B&G club dinner a huge success

Dr. Janice Epperson

by Danny Wade

The 5th annual Bird & Burger Dinner was a huge success. It is one of the Boys & Girls Club of Humboldt’s biggest fundraisers each year.

Last Saturday, hundreds of club supporters packed into the club’s gymnasium for a delicious dinner and to hear one of Humboldt’s own, Dr. Janice Epperson as the keynote speaker.

As guests arrived, members of the Boys & Girls Club escorted them to their respective tables. Salads and strawberry deserts were placed on the tables prior to the guest arriving. Buffet lines were set up on each side of the room, which made serving rather quick.

The band, 731 Review, entertained with instrumental tunes as guests arrived and during dinner.

Guests dined on grilled chicken breast, roast beef, green beans, roasted new potatoes and dinner rolls.

B&G Board President Patricia Taylor opened the program with announcements.

Club members taking part of the opening ceremonies included Amaria Mays leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Kasheonna Fowler recited the club motto and Joshua DeBerry recited the club code.

Pastor Albert Simmons offered the invocation prior to dinner being served.

After dinner, the mother/daughter team of DeShanta Mann and Deborah Weathers sang an acapella song, as did Robyn Barnett.

Board member John Hale had the honor of introducing Dr. Epperson, who had plenty of support from her family and friends.

Dr. Epperson began her speech talking about her humbled beginnings of her life growing up in Humboldt. Through the support and guidance of her parents, she strived and grew into the educational professional she is today.

She quoted her former HHS principal, Jim Poteete, and his one and only rule, “Do right!”

As part of her program, Epperson got the crowd involved by comparing people to horses. She said there are three types of horses—show horses, race horses and those somewhere in between.

She asked those in the crowd who thought they were show horses to stand. Dozens of attendees rose to their feet. Dr. Epperson described show horses as those who always want or need attention, often times expecting others to do things for them. This brought laughter throughout the room.

Next the race horses were asked to stand. Again several stood up. Epperson said race horses only know one speed and that’s fast. They want to win at everything, while along the way forget to look left and right.

The final horse Epperson said are those in between a show and a race horse. When these people stood, Epperson compared them to mules, which brought more laughter. She said mules are loyal but can be lazy.

Next she told of how the Boys & Girls Club can change the lives of Humboldt’s youngsters from being any of the three categories of horses and convert them into work horses. Everyone should strive to be a work horse, she said. They take the best qualities of the three and combine into one. People love work horses, she said.

It was a strong message to not only the kids but the adults as well.

After Epperson’s speech, Taylor thanked all those in attendance. She recognized the event sponsors and board members.

As special recognition, framed pictures of the kids, signed by many of the club members, were presented to Jerry and Barbara Culpepper, and Tommy (who was unable to attend) and Debbie Goodrum and to Chuck Cloud (who could not attend) for each of their commitment to the club.

As the program came to an end, many stayed to talk and visit with their friends. Every agreed it was a great evening with Dr. Epperson and all for a very worthy cause, supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Humboldt.

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