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Yorkville event benefits cemetery


NO FISH YET –  Ian Zarecor was one of the young who made the journey to Yorkville for the fish fry January 28. The son of David and Candace Zarecor of Milan, Ian might have smelled the fish but it is doubtful he enjoyed any. He seems quite content with milk.

by William G. McFarland

Mention a need! Many are there! Mention a cause! Many are there! Mention a fundraiser! Many are there.

Yep that’s right and that’s exactly what Yorkville and all its surrounding communities do. They are there!

Some live close by and some live far away, but they all make a trip to the Yorkville Community Center to respond to the need.

Babies were there though doubtful they had fish flavored milk for their supper; the old were there, as always, to make their donation and to visit with others; those who worked in Yorkville years ago were around, as were those who see the need to continue to have these community events.

A need was met January 28 when a large, large number gathered for a fish fry with all its trimmings. All proceeds went to the Yorkville Cemetery for its upkeep.

Folks remembered those buried there and talked of their time when they would be there. There were smiles, laughs, and tears.

The evening was most eventful. Plans are underway to have another Fish Fry February 11. Make plans to attend and enjoy the memories, the food and the fellowship.

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