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Mayor debuts new rewards program for safe drivers

Mayor debuts new rewards program for safe drivers
By Logan Watson
Everyone dreads seeing blue lights in their rear-view mirror, but thanks to a new campaign created by Mayor B.W. Beasley, good drivers could be pulling away from a traffic stop with a discount rather than a ticket.
Through January 31, motorists with a history of safe driving could receive a 10 percent discount from local businesses as part of the Mayor’s Safe Driving and Shop Milan Campaign.
“We were looking for a way to promote our police department and businesses in Milan,” said Mayor Beasley, “and we thought this would be a good way to promote good will between the City and the citizens.”
Police Chief Bobby Sellers says he hopes this program will continue to foster positive relationships between his officers and the public during the holiday season.
“Christmas is all about giving,” said Chief Sellers. “There are a lot of people stressing about money this time of year, and rather than writing them a ticket, this is our way of saying ‘you’ve done a good job.’”
Chief Sellers stated that the discounts will be given out at the discretion of the MPD officers for infractions that would normally only result in a warning, such as non-excessive speeding or having a headlight out. Once the officer initiates the traffic stop, they will run the person’s driving history. If they have a history of good driving, they will receive a discount to one of several local businesses.
Chamber of Commerce Director Julie Burke stated that she hoped the mayor’s program would help keep more money in the city during Christmastime.
“Our Chamber Cash campaign was well-received by our businesses, as well as the people in Milan,” said Burke. “Milan has the most high-traffic area in the county and, where Chamber Cash focused on shoppers within the city, we hope that the Mayor’s Safe Driving and Shop Milan program will entice commuters that might not normally spend money here to come back and shop in Milan.”
The Mayor’s Safe Driving and Shop Milan campaign will be offered to all motorists within the city limits, not only locals or out-of-town drivers specifically. According to Chief Sellers, there are approximately 400-500 drivers pulled over each month in Milan that would qualify for the program’s discounts, but MPD officers will only have 250 safe driving discount certificates to pass out. Businesses participating in the 10 percent discount offer are Arnold’s Beauty School, Arnold’s Beauty Shop, Be Happy Health Shop, Brandy Kemp Photography, Candyland, Copies Unlimited, Furniture-ology, Melaleuca, The Wellness Company (Allyson Wadley), Milan Tire and Brake, My Sassy Kitchen (Rebecca Jones), Performance Heating and Cooling, Southland Graphics, Tatum Auto Parts and The Corner Boutique. The Milan Golf and Country Club and Truvision (Jana Connell) will also offer special deals to safe driving discount recipients.


SAFE DRIVING DISCOUNTS – The Mayor’s Safe Driving and Shop Milan campaign, a join effort between the Mayor’s Office, Chamber of Commerce and the Milan Police Department, kicked off last week to help reward safe driving and help encourage commuters to shop in Milan this holiday season. Drivers who have a history of good driving that are pulled over for minor infractions will receive a coupon for a discount at one of 16 local businesses. Pictured are (from left) Chamber of Commerce Director Julie Burke, Mayor B.W. Beasley and Police Chief Bobby Sellers. Photo by Logan Watson.

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