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Right to Know December 12, 2023

Sheriff’s Report Dec. 4-10, 2023

Information listed for the Gibson County Sheriff’s Report is obtained from court records and printed as is. The Humboldt Chronicle cannot assume responsibility for correcting inaccuracies when information accurately reflects the records. Readers are cautioned that some names published may be similar to or the same as those of other members of the community.

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 12/4/2023 through 12/10/2023:

Clarence Michael Henry, W/M, 50- other.

Foster Clay Byrd, W/M, 24- violation of probation.

Danny Lee Collin, B/M, 55- violation of conditions of community supervision, failure to appear.

Lueshonda Shanice Dennis, B/F, 30- theft of property.

Janet Lorene Hardin, W/F, 57- violation of probation.

Clarence Michael Henry, W/M, 50- capias.

Eric Lynn Hornsby, B/M, 18- public intoxication.

Trevor Langston Huffmon, B/M, 44- contraband in penal institution, Schedule II drug violations.

Johhn Hendrix Kolwyck Jr., W/M, 44- violation of probation.

Bradley Austin McCord, W/M, 27- domestic assault.

Destiny Alexis Miller, W/F, 23- weekender.

Shirell Dena Newbill, B/F, 40- capias.

Ann Margret Richards, W/F, 41- capias.

Jerry Don Riggs, W/M, 51- violation of probation.

Brandon James Shirk, W/M, 37- capias.

Joshua Maurice Simpson, B/M, 27- capias, violation of probation.

Antonio Kevon Brooks, B/M, 29- failure to provide proof insurance, driving on revoked/suspended license, violation light law.

Illya O’Brian Cheairs, B/M, 32- theft of property, manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of controlled substance.

Sharon Ann Furlong, W/F, 43- disorderly conduct.

Kenneth Lyle Davis, W/M, 63- unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamines, slow poke law.

Richard Marvin Bates, W/M, 54- driving under the influence, improper lane usage.

Halie Mechelle Jones, W/F, 23- driving on revoked/suspended license.

Jimmy Utah Rogers, W/M, 29- violation of probation.

Tanzevius Tah’Je Belmont, B/M, 22- resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search (non-violent).

Trevor Langston Huffmom, B/M, 44- disorderly conduct.

Timothy Jermaine Cox, B/M, 44- violation of probation.

Kevin Deashawn Jones, B/M, 41- capias.

James Zachary McDonald, W/M, 18- aggravated assault.

Terry Allen Atchison, W/M, 24- weekender.

Qristian Lamarious Mance, B/M, 29- weekender.

Christopher Renard Morris, B/M, 36- weekender.

Shamikah Jamell Palmer, B/F, 22- weekender.

Natima Sheronne Parker, B/F, 40- weekender.

Jeremy Todd Pinckley, W/M, 36- weekender.

Maria Jesus Valenzuela, U/F, 35- weekender.

Police Report Dec. 4-10, 2023

Information listed for the Humboldt Police Report is obtained from court records and printed as is. The Humboldt Chronicle cannot assume responsibility for correcting inaccuracies when information accurately reflects the records. Readers are cautioned that some names published may be similar to or the same as those of other members of the community.

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 12/4/2023 through 12/10/2023:

Antonio Kevon Brooks, B/M, 29, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: December 7, 2023, Valero; Charges: violation of light law, driving on revoked/suspended/expired license, financial responsibility law. Arresting officer: Lt. Bomer.

Sharon A. Furlong, W/F, 43, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: December 4, 2023, Humboldt High School; Charges: disorderly conduct. Arresting officer: Lt. Wade.

Cheairs O. Illya, B/M, 32, of Bolivar; Arrest date and location: December 5, 2023, Walmart; Charges: simple possession, theft of property-merchandise. Arresting officer: Lt. Williams.

Jeffrey Lynn Moore, W/M, 34, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: December 10, 2023, 2365 Maple Circle; Charges: domestic assault. Arresting officer: Ptl. Griffin.

Brian Adrian Pearson, B/M, 51, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: December 10, 2023, 17th and McKnight; Charges: falsification of drug test, simple possession, display of plates. Arresting officer: Ptl. Keathley.

Real Estate Transfers

Stephen Phillip Wofford to Stephanie Joyce and Miranda Bauer – Trenton – $22,650

Anthony Popelka to Joshua York – Milan – $233,500

Jack W. Hardwick and wife, Linda K. Hardwick to James W. Longmire and wife, Deborah C. Longmire – Medina – $365,000

Richard Hopkins to Robert W. Backus – Trenton – $105,900

Jerry N. Faulkner to Terry C. Luce and wife, Cynthia Luce – Rutherford – $165,000

Richard Neal Williams to TNT Properties – Humboldt – $50,000

New Bethlehem Baptist Church of Humboldt, TN, Inc. to TNT Properties – Humboldt – $25,000

Guy W. Causey and wife, Tammy L. Causey to Michele D. Bufford and Teresa D. Bufford, Trustees of the Michele Bufford and Teresa D. Bufford Trust, – Humboldt – $324,000

Adam Bradley Pate to Robert W. Dawson – Rutherford – $44,000

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to Guo Rong Liu and wife, Wen Hui Liu – Medina – $344,900

Deborah Jane Robinson to Erin Vester and husband, Charles B. Vester – Milan – $78,500

Mary Russell and Wilma Champion to Cherenfant Handy – Trenton – $1,500

Christy Ferrell to Judy D. Wilson and Euel K. Glover – Bradford – $116,000

Phillip Hardwick, Martin Hardwick, Mitzi Jo Turner, f/k/a Mitzi Jo Timberlake, by and through her Attorney-in-Fact Philip Hardwick, Beth Lynn Potter and Paul Stephens to Tyler Matthews – Rutherford – $75,000

Gibson Commercial Property Management, LLC to Jonathan Armour and April Wyatt – Milan – $235,000

Gibson Property Management, LLC to Joshua Youmans – Gibson – $50,000

Gerald S. Gordan to Mark B. Jenkins – Milan – $239,000

Joshua White to Lori J. Coyle – Humboldt – $7,000

Joshua White, individually and Kaleb Garrison, by and through his Attorney-in-Fact Josh White, to Lori J. Coyle – $85,500

Building Permits

Mohammed Gaad, 101 Fly Road, Medina

DHS, 2205 Highway 45 Bypass South, Trenton

Blake Spellings, 123 Sammons Circle, Trenton

Blake Spellings, 125 Sammons Circle, Trenton

Ricky Hudson, 103 Wayne Lloyd Road, Bradford

Ray Sienko, 98 County Lake Drive, Trenton

PL&K Farm LLC, 153B Skullbone Road, Bradford

Alex Cantrell and Catherine Hatch, 83 Skullbone Road, Bradford

Jason Batts, 78 John Martin Road, Bradford

Mark Sanders, 100 Medina Highway, Humboldt

John and Olivia Fox, 174 Eldad Road, Humboldt

Isaiah 117 House, 302 East Eaton Street, Trenton

Mary Beth Evelyn, 1506 South College Street, Trenton

Silas Troyer, 180 Walnut Grove Road, Rutherford

Evelyn Matlock, 38 Germantown Road, Milan

Zach Lewis, 24 Casey Road, Trenton

David Schrock, 523 Keely Mill Road, Rutherford

Issac Ervin, 26 Atkins Road, Bradford

Barbara Pyron, 36 Elmer Miller Road, Trenton

Ricky Johnson, 158 Esquire Hunt Road, Humboldt

Phillip Walker, 214 Thomas Grove Road, Milan

Tim and Linda Brown, 64 Lake Hayes Estates Drive, Trenton

Dylan and Chelsey Speer, 531 State Route 5, Dyer

Jane Thompson, 6 Oak Tree End Road, Trenton

Ricky Bailey, 187 State Route 188, Trenton

Scott Conder, 18 Bogle Loop, Milan

Carmen and Molly Cupples, 49 Fisher Road, Dyer

Isaiah 117 House Properties, LLC, 302 East Eaton Street, Trenton

Marriage Licenses

Michele Linette Conner of Dyer and Susan Marie Battaglia Wetmore of Dyer

Wyatt Anderson Campbell of Milan and Laila Nicole Pugh of Mila

Austin Michael Dunn of Trenton and Destinee Sa Decker of Trenton

Casey Nathaniel Curry of Humboldt and Jazmin Nava Garcia of Humboldt

Robert Joseph Velez-Biggs of Trenton and Gladys Louise Litton of Trenton

John Everett Gladmon of Trenton and Natasha Ann Faye Dulworth of Atwood

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