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Bradford girls, Sacred Heart boys back in West Tennessee High School Basketball Rankings after Week 8

All the talk right now in high school basketball is about district contests. Each week seems to have its own set of games that is going to likely determine the top seeds heading into February’s tournaments.
There always seems to be a good mix of upsets in those games, and that is why there were major changes to the boys rankings this week.
Here are the top 12 high school basketball teams in West Tennessee outside of Shelby County:

SCHEDULE: Week 9 high school basketball schedule for the Gibson County area


1. Middleton (12-1): Results: Beat Halls, Humboldt. This week: Tuesday at JCM; Friday vs. Peabody. Last week: No. 1.
2. South Side (12-2): Results: Beat Ripley, Covington. This week: Tuesday vs. South Gibson; Friday at Liberty. Last week: No. 2.
3. Fayette-Ware (13-6): Results: Beat Millington. This week: Tuesday vs. Bolton; Friday vs. Raleigh Egypt. Last week: No. 5.
4. Henry County (11-1): Results: Beat Dyer County, Lexington, Obion County. This week: Tuesday at McKenzie; Friday vs. Kenwood; Saturday at Union City. Last week: No. 7.
5. North Side (11-2): Results: Beat Obion County, McNairy Central, Madison. This week: Tuesday vs. Liberty; Friday at South Gibson. Last week: No. 11.
6. Dyersburg (12-4): Results: Lost to South Gibson. This week: Tuesday vs. Chester County; Friday vs. McNairy Central. Last week: No. 4.
7. Obion County (13-3): Results: Lost to North Side, Henry County. This week: Saturday vs. Adamsville. Last week: No. 3.
8. Camden (14-3): Results: Beat Stewart County, Waverly. This week: Tuesday at Hickman County; Thursday vs. Bruceton; Saturday at East Hickman. Last week: No. 8.
9. Peabody (12-5): Results: Beat Lake County, West Carroll. This week: Tuesday at Humboldt; Friday at Middleton. Last week: No. 10.
10. West Carroll (10-3): Results: Beat Beat Clarksburg, Perry County, Peabody. This week: Tuesday vs. Dresden; Friday at Bruceton. Last week: No. 6.
11. Sacred Heart (12-2): Results: Beat Fayette Academy, Jackson Christian. This week: Tuesday at USJ; Friday vs. Tipton-Rosemark; Saturday at TCA. Last week: Not ranked.
12. Scotts Hill (11-3): Results: Beat Adamsville, Lexington; Lost to Bolivar. This week: Tuesday vs. Adamsville; Thursday at Lexington; Friday vs. Bolivar. Last week: No. 9.

Dropped out: Lake County (7-3).
On the bubble: Dresden (9-5); McKenzie (10-5); South Gibson (13-6).


1. Westview (15-2): Results: Beat Milan (COVID win). This week: Tuesday vs. Union City; Friday at Gibson County. Last week: No. 2.
2. McKenzie (14-1): Results: Beat Gibson County. This week: Tuesday vs. Henry County; Friday at Houston County. Last week: No. 3.
3. Gibson County (19-1): Results: Beat Huntingdon; Lost to Mckenzie. This week: Tuesday vs. Gibson County; Friday vs. Westview. Last week: No. 1.
4. South Side (13-2): Results: Beat Ripley, Covington. This week: Tuesday vs. South Gibson. Last week: No. 4.
5. South Gibson (16-3): Results: Beat Crockett County; Dyersburg. This week: Tuesday at South Side; Thursday vs. McCracken County (Ky.); Friday vs. North Side; Saturday at Collierville. Last week: No. 6.
6. Fayette Academy (15-2): Results: Beat ECS, Carroll Academy, USJ. This week: Tuesday at TCA; Friday vs. Jackson Christian. Last week: No. 7.
7. Gleason (15-4): Results: Beat Carroll Academy; Lost to Bradford. This week: Tuesday vs. Greenfield; Friday at South Fulton. Last week: No. 5.
8. TCA (11-3): Results: Beat Jackson Christian, Tipton-Rosemark. This week: Tuesday vs. Fayette Academy; Wednesday vs. Carroll Academy; Friday vs. USJ; Saturday vs. Sacred Heart. Last week: No. 8.
9. Hardin County (10-2): Results: Beat Carroll Academy. This week: Wednesday vs. Bolivar; Friday at Kossuth (Miss.). Last week: No. 9.
10. Crockett County (12-4): Results: Lost to South Gibson. This week: Tuesday vs. Lexington; Friday at Bradford. Last week: No. 10.
11. McNairy Central (12-3): Results: Beat Kossuth (Miss.), North Side, JCM. This week: Friday at Dyersburg. Last week: No. 12.
12. Bradford (12-3): Results: Beat Gleason, Lake County. This week: Tuesday at South Fulton; Friday vs. Crockett County; Saturday vs. Lake County. Last week: Not ranked.

Dropped out: Henry County (13-5).
On the bubble: Dresden (12-5); Dyer County (13-5); Greenfield (10-6); Union City (12-5).

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