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Strawberry Festival theme remains same, with one new addition

REVAMPED FESTIVAL THEME – The Strawberry Festival theme has been revamped to fit 2021. Last year, festival officials coined the theme, “Our Perfect Vision of Fun” playing off the year 2020 and 20-20 vision. This year, being 2021, they added “Take 2” since this is the second year for the 83rd annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival after it was cancel last year. General Chairman Sherry Jo Smith (left) holds last year’s poster while President Betty Langley displays the new version with the theme’s added twist.


by Danny Wade

In 2019 when Strawberry Festival officials began planning for the 2020 festival, they worked on coming up with a theme. Strawberry Festival President Betty Langley, General Chairman Sherry Jo Smith and Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator Beth Culpepper brainstormed and came up with a catchy theme.

Playing off the year 2020 and perfect vision being 20-20, they finalized the theme for the 83rd annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival, “Our Perfect Vision of Fun!”

Then COVID hit and forced the Strawberry Festival to be canceled. At the time, Langley, Smith and Culpepper decided that all festival officials, royalties and dignitaries would roll over to this year in 2021.

But what about the “2020” theme? Since everything was rolling over, 20-21 is not perfect vision. Langley thought the theme should roll over as well since the 83rd Strawberry Festival will account for both years—2020 and 2021. But they decided to add a little twist.

The new Strawberry Festival theme is “Our Perfect Vision of Fun – Take 2”. This keeps the original theme, which was planned for the year 2020, but adds “take 2” since this is the second attempt for the 83rd festival.

Langley and Smith have worked extra hard during their tenure as festival president and general chairman. It began in the summer of 2019. Last February and March when the excitement of the upcoming festival was in full swing, things came to a screeching halt when the coronavirus hit and began spreading across the country. During that time, plans were changing week-by-week, and sometimes day-to-day.

When it was ultimately decided to cancel the Strawberry Festival, the people of Humboldt and West Tennessee were heartbroken and depressed.

Now a year later, the excitement of the 83rd Strawberry Festival is higher than ever. People are ready for “Our Perfect Vision of Fun – Take 2” of the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

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