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WTSF Recipe Contest

Strawberry Festival Recipe Contest

BEST OF SHOW – Brandi Vestal’s Strawberry Dream won Best of Show at this year’s Strawberry Festival Recipe Contest. Presenting the award is Recipe Contest chair, Debbie Brasfield (left).

PRESIDENT’S CHOICE – Strawberry Festival President Ashley Culpepper (left) selected Linda Johnson’s Strawberry Chicken Salad as his favorite, winning the President’s Choice award.

QUEENS’ CHOICE – Territorial Queen Kerri Arnold (left) and Hostess Princess Allie Privitt (right) thought Susan Luckey’s Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake was delicious, winning the Queens’ Choice award.

BERRY’S CHOICE – Kandis & J.D. Ellington took home the Berry’s Choice award with their Strawberry Cheesecake Churro Cannolis from the Kid’s category.

FIRST PLACE WINNERS – After all the “Choice” awards are selected, judges select the top three winners in five categories. First place winners are (from left) Salad – Deborah Williams; Cynthia Chandler-Snell won first place in both Pie and Miscellaneous categories; Kid’s – Anna Claire Hardin; and Cake – Denise Jones.

Winners by category

1st  – Denise Jones – Carrot Red Velvet Cheesecake
2nd – Dorothy Hunt Rooks – Old Fashion Pound Cake
3rd – Violet Simmons – Strawberry Cake

1st – Deborah Williams – Berryroni Salad
2nd – Teresa Wade – Strawberry Pineapple Crunch Salad
3rd – Havannah Wood – Strawberry Fluff Salad

1st – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Mini Strawberry Sugar-Cookie Crust Pies
2nd – Bentley Gordan – Bentley’s Pie

1st – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Strawberry Mango Salsa
2nd – Kinsee Whitaker – Berry Delicious Crepes
3rd – Teresa Wade – Strawberry Cheesecake Dumplins

1st – Anna Claire Hardin – Strawberry Chocolate Snake
2nd – Hallie McCall – No Bake Strawberry Cloud Cake
3rd – Emma’s Strawberry Cake Cookies


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