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Warrington violates order of protection

Christine Warrington

A Humboldt woman in a position of authority was arrested on Monday, April 1 for violation of an order of protection. Christine Warrington, who is a Humboldt School Board member, and also a former Humboldt mayor candidate and State Representative candidate, violated the order during an Easter church service.

Warrington’s cousin, Chelsea Stewart, filed the order of protection earlier this year in February.

According to court documents obtained by the Humboldt Chronicle, the Affidavit of Complaint states that Humboldt police were dispatched to Emmanuel Baptist Church, located at 1101 N. 22nd Ave. on March 31 shortly after noon.

“Lt. Josh Bomer spoke with Chelsea Stewart who stated that while in church with her children, her cousin Christine Warrington, came into the church and sat in the pew directly behind her and her children. Stewart further stated that she had an active order of protection against Warrington. Stewart also stated to Lt. Bomer that Warrington does not usually attend this church and felt that she did so in an attempt to intimidate her family. Lt. Bomer did confirm with that Gibson County Chancery Court that the order (case#:2491109; filed:2/3/2024) was active until February 13, 2025. Bomer did speak with witnesses that observed Warrington at the church. Bomer also observed Warrington at the church via security footage,” stated in the Affidavit of Complaint.

Warrington was taken to the Gibson County Correctional Complex where was charged with violation of order of protection. She was release after making the $10,000 bond.

Later in the evening, Warrington took to social media saying she was glad she got her “get out of jail pass” in time to watch American Idol.

Warrington’s first court date is set for Wednesday, April 10 at 1 p.m.

There are other orders of protection filed against Warrington. In November of last year, Warrington’s sister and brother-in-law, Doris and William Doss, petitioned the court for orders of protection against Warrington. Both orders were granted. Warrington countered with orders of her own against her sister and brother-in-law. Those orders of protection were denied.

Narratives in her sister’s petition state that on November 7, 2023, Warrington pulled up beside her car, gets out and places a military first aid kit, which was full of dog and/or human feces, on the hood of her sister’s car. Another incident took place on November 18, 2023 when Warrington’s sister and family were at a restaurant in Jackson. According to the court document, Warrington came uninvited into the restaurant and immediately began to verbally, emotionally and mentally, make personal attacks to the family. Warrington’s attack upset everyone to the point they were all in tears and had to leave. The next day on November 19, Warrington came to her sister’s house, which is private property. Warrington got out of her car and left a note on the door. The brother-in-law asked her to leave, but she did not until they called 911.

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