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Ted Jones blood drive helps save lives

DONATING BLOOD – Humboldt firefighter Manny Urbalejo was among those donating blood during the Ted Murray Jones “Raggedy Man” Blood Drive held at the Boys & Girls Club last week. LIFELINE Blood Services was in charge of the event. LIFELINE Mobile Coordinator Derick Marshal Jr. removes the needle from his arm as Urbalejo holds the life-saving blood he just donated.

by Danny Wade

Those who knew Ted Murray Jones remember a kind-hearted, artistic man who lived life on a whim. He was probably best known as a singer-songwriter that worked in the music industry for years.

FAMILY SUPPORT – The family of the late Ted Murray Jones attended a blood drive last week in his honor. Mother Judy Bowers and brother Clay Jones (right) along with Ted’s nephew Mason Jones were so thankful to all that came out. Ted Jones was a supporter of LIFELINE and was a 20-gallon donor.

But, what many may not have known about Jones was that he was a blood donor.

On Monday, January 22, LIFELINE Blood Services held the Ted Murray Jones “Raggedy Man” Blood Drive, hosted at Boys and Girls Club. LIFELINE Blood Services Marketing Manager Melinda Reid said Jones was a 12-gallon donor and long time supporter of LIFELINE.

“We are grateful to have had the support of Ted Murray “Raggedy Man” Jones,” Reid stated. “Not only was he a blood donor, but many in his family donate too.”

LIFELINE Blood Services Marketing Manager Melinda Reid

During the event, blood donors walked through the door to donate blood. There were people from all walks of life ready to give blood that could save someone’s life. Reid said there were 20 donors and 16 units of blood collected during the blood drive last week, which could impact 48 people in need of blood.

“LIFELINE is a non-profit, community blood center that has been serving hospitals of West Tennessee for a little over 75 years,” Reid said. “We are the sole provider of blood to all West Tennessee hospitals except for hospitals in Tipton and Shelby counties. We exist to serve the community by making sure that blood is available when needed. We are essentially the bridge between volunteer blood donors and the hospitals treating the patients. We rely totally on volunteer blood donors who are people just like you. We collect about 26,000 blood donations to meet the needs of the hospitals we serve. As you can imagine that takes a lot of help from volunteer blood donors. The winter weather has greatly affected our blood donations and we are in critical appeal for all blood types.”

BLOOD DRIVE – Humboldt Parks & Rec Director Jeff Graves rolled up his sleeves to donate blood during the Ted Murray Jones blood drive.

Reid said this time of critical appeal for all blood types. LIFELINE urgently asks donors to give the gift of life and donate blood. If you missed the Humboldt blood drive, you can still donate in memory of Ted Murray Jones.

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