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Pigue is city’s new treasurer/CFO

NEW CITY TREASURER – Alicia Pigue is the city of Humboldt’s new treasurer/chief financial officer. She has been on the job full-time for a couple of weeks, but helped the city out part-time for a couple of months.

by DANNY WADE | Senior Editor

When Kim Hadley retired as the city of Humboldt treasurer and CFO on June 30, a huge void was created as it relates to the city’s finances. For weeks and months, Mayor Marvin Sikes, with the assistance of MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service), have tried to find a qualified person to manage the city’s finances.

That position has now been filled. Alicia Pigue is Humboldt’s new treasurer/chief financial officer (CFO). Pigue is also a CMFO (certified municipal finance officer), which is now a state requirement for all cities across Tennessee.

“My first day (as city treasurer/CFO) was October 30th, but I worked part-time since early September after work and on weekends,” Pigue said. “I got the bank statements reconciled for the previous month after Kim retired in June.”

Finding someone qualified to oversee the city’s finances is a daunting task since it is a very specialized skillset being a CMFO. Pigue has all of the credentials and training needed to fill the position.

Pigue said she has worked in finances for 17 years. In 2006, she got her first job in finance and accounting with Little Caesars. In October that year, Pigue accepted a job with the city of Bells as a clerk. While there, she trained under the city recorder.

“The CMFO Act was adopted by the state in 2007,” Pigue stated. “Classes began in 2008-09. Kim (Hadley) and I were the first students of that class. Cities must have a CMFO or a CPA (certified public accountant).”

Coming to Humboldt, the city hall staff has welcomed her with open arms. This made the transition much easier—having wonderful co-workers to work with.

“I never thought I’d leave Bells, but here I am,” Pigue said with a smile. “The staff is so supportive, wonderful, very accepting of me. It feels like home. I love it. I feel a little guilty because Bells is still my home—I live there, my kids go to Crockett County schools.”

Pigue said as a youngster, her family move around a lot and they lived in several cities throughout West Tennessee, but Bells is the first place she lived this long.

The biggest difference between her job at Bells and her job in Humboldt is that she did several jobs in Bells. In Humboldt, she gets to do her favorite part—working with numbers. She admittedly calls herself a numbers nerd.

Pigue said her duties as Humboldt’s treasurer are to reconcile the city’s bank statements, oversee internal controls, oversight on all expenditures and work on the city’s budget. Pigue also works for Gadsden and Stanton as their CFO and will continue to do so, along with being in charge of Humboldt’s finances. She said the Stanton and Gadsden workload is only a few hours a week.

Pigue is a 1998 graduate of Gleason High School. She attended Union University for a stint, left college only to come back to Jackson State Community College and then onto the University of Memphis. She wants to continue growing, working toward a Master’s Degree.

In her pastime, Pigue says she likes to read—murder mysteries are her favorite. She and her husband, Heath Pigue, have two boys, Drew and Dylon, and a daughter, Charleigh. Drew is a student at JSCC, working toward an accounting degree (following in his mom’s footsteps). Dylon attends Crockett County where he plays football and recently scored his first touchdown. Charleigh is their youngest and is a competitive gymnast.

If working a full-time job and two part-time jobs, as well as keeping up with three children were not enough to keep her busy, Pigue also serves on the Bells Events Committee that plans occasions such as the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, fall fest, Easter egg hunt and other events.

Humboldt was blessed to have Hadley as city treasurer for 26 years, who earned multiple accolades in finance reporting. When he left, there were some pretty big shoes to fill. Now, Pigue has the chore of filling those shoes. There is no doubt she is up to the task and will have those shoes shining their Sunday best. Welcome to Humboldt.

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