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Vic vs. Odom Pick’em: High School Football Week 8

Humboldt Kavien Taylor (3) looks to pass the ball against Greenfield during the 2023 season.

“Is that a tumbleweed,” I joked sitting at my desk on Monday. “Fall break makes Gibson County like a ghost town as people are at the beach or at the mountains or just out of town.”

“Fall break makes the pickings slim this week as for high school athletics,” Mirror-Exchange editor Victor Parkins said.

“No soccer to worry about this week,” I replied. “And only one Gibson County team and two teams total in our coverage area even play this week.”

“Yea, another week for me to beat you and take a step toward winning this contest,” Parkins replied.

“You had to remind me,” I said. “Not picking against Gray Eubanks again. He beats Milan and Riverside in back-to-back weeks. Yep, he sure is a good quarterback.”

Parkins did get a win back this week as he went 12-3, while I was 11-4. We both missed Peabody over Camden, Halls over Humboldt and Crockett County over Obion County. But of course I also missed the Mustangs taking care of business against Riverside

I am now 81-23 (.779 winning percentage), while Parkins is 76-28 (.731).

NOTE: The conversations used in the pick’em columns are fictitious and are just used to entertain readers.

Week 7 here we come:

Bruceton (1-6, 0-1 6-1A) at West Carroll (4-1, 3-0)

A win here secures a home playoff game for the War Eagles for the first time since 2020. Jayden Milton will play a key role in this game in a West Carroll offense that has hit the 40-point mark three times this season

Odom’s Pick: West Carroll 34, Bruceton 7

Vic’s Pick: West Carroll 42, Bruceton 16

Humboldt (0-7, 0-4 7-1A) at Gleason (4-3, 1-3)

The Vikings are searching for their first win of the season, and this might be the best chance in the rest of the season for that to happen. Humboldt will need to use its speed to wear down the Bulldogs.

Odom’s Pick: Gleason 28, Humboldt 12

Vic’s Pick: Gleason 44, Humboldt 14

Best of the West

Dresden (7-0, 4-0 7-1A) at South Fulton (4-3, 2-2)

Odom’s Pick: Dresden

Vic’s Pick: Dresden

Bolivar (4-3, 1-3 7-3A) at Westview (4-3, 3-1)

Odom’s Pick: Westview

Vic’s Pick: Westview

TCA (4-2) at Greenfield (3-4)

Odom’s Pick: TCA

Vic’s Pick: TCA

Haywood (6-1) at Hardin County (7-0)

Odom’s Pick: Haywood

Vic’s Pick: Hardin County

Henry County (6-1, 3-0 7-5A) at Beech (3-3, 2-0)

Odom’s Pick: Henry County

Vic’s Pick: Henry County

Fayette Academy (3-4, 0-2 D2-A) at Tipton-Rosemark (6-1, 1-1)

Odom’s Pick: Tipton-Rosemark

Vic’s Pick: Tipton-Rosemark

Fayette-Ware (0-5, 0-1 7-4A) at Obion County (4-3, 0-2)

Odom’s Pick: Obion County

Vic’s Pick: Obion County

North Side (3-4, 1-1 6-4A) at South Side (2-5, 0-2)

Odom’s Pick: North Side

Vic’s Pick: North Side

Chester County (1-6) at Freedom Prep (1-6)

Odom’s Pick: Chester County

Vic’s Pick: Chester County

Huntingdon (5-1, 3-0 6-2A) at JCM (1-5, 0-3)

Odom’s Pick: Huntingdon

Vic’s Pick: Huntingdon

Brighton (3-4, 1-2 8-5A) at Munford (6-1, 2-1)

Odom’s Pick: Munford

Vic’s Pick: Munford

Houston County (3-4, 2-1 6-1A) at McKenzie (6-1, 3-0)

Odom’s Pick: McKenzie

Vic’s Pick: McKenzie

Covington (5-2, 3-1 7-3A) at Liberty (0-6, 0-3)

Odom’s Pick: Covington

Vic’s Pick: Covington

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