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Multiple agencies team up to make huge drug bust

Multiple agencies team up to make huge drug bust

by Danny Wade, senior editor

Drugs, weapons, cash, fake IDs confiscated during search. photo courtesy WTDTF

The West Tennessee Drug Task Force raided a huge drug operation in Humboldt last Tuesday in what was the biggest drug bust in the 28th District task force’s history. Agents used a large U-Haul truck to load up the stash. The raid discovered over $150,000 in cash and multiple weapons.

“This seizure is the biggest in the 28th Judicial District and arguably West Tennessee,” Drug Task Force Director Johnie Carter said. “It is the result of many years of hard work and partnerships formed between multiple agencies. West Tennessee and more specifically, Humboldt, is a safer place to live, work and raise our families as a result of the hard work and dedication put into this case by my agents and our partners.”

Joseph Brian Moss

Dustin Wayne Page

Four people are facing multiple charges, according to Director Carter. Joseph Brian Moss (41) and Lauren Nycole Tippett Moss (35), both of Gibson County, and Dustin Wayne Page (38) and Tiffany Page (39), both of Madison County, had arrest warrants issued.

According to a press release, all four have been charged with a various combination of criminal offenses to include possession with intent to sell/deliver and/or manufacturing of Schedule I, III and VI controlled substances, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, possession of drug paraphernalia, identity theft trafficking, maintaining a drug location, and felony drug paraphernalia. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Lauren Nycole Tippett Moss

Agents with WTDTF served a series of search warrants in connection with a lengthy drug investigation involving more than 25 law enforcement officers from nine different agencies.

Agents served a search warrant at 2500 N. Central Ave. inside of the old Humboldt Walmart building, after nearly 35 lbs. of edibles containing Psilocybin, a Schedule I hallucinogenic drug, were shipped through the mail and delivered to the business. During the search, agents encountered an armed suspect in the rear of the warehouse, who was taken into custody without incident. The business was searched over a 10-hour period, where agents uncovered multiple rooms containing an illicit steroid lab, three indoor marijuana grow operations, a gun manufacturing room, a moonshine still, and a shipping and receiving operation for shipping illegal drugs and receiving money. Agents also served search warrants in connection with the business on two homes in Gibson and Madison counties, where additional steroids, steroid powder and guns were seized.

According to court documents affidavit of complaints, agents with the West Tennessee Drug Task Force, along with US Postal Inspector, TBI and the ATF, executed a search warrant at 2500 N. Central Ave. in Humboldt, Tenn. after a controlled delivery was made of 19,475 grams of chocolate candy bars containing psilocybin (mushrooms), a Schedule I narcotic. Mrs. Moss accepted delivery. The US Postal Inspector was involved due to some of the drugs seized through the postal service that could warrant federal charges.

DRUG BUST – There was a large law enforcement presence on Central Ave. at Humboldt 24 Hr. Fitness on Tuesday, July 24 where the West Tennessee Drug Task Force made the biggest drug bust in their history. Four people are facing multiple charges. photo by Danny Wade

As a result of the search warrant, agents seized approximately 376 vials of steroid oils, 21 pounds of various steroid powders, 3.6 gallons of steroid oil, 9,180 steroid pills, 70 forged driver’s license cards from four states, all containing the same individual’s photo, 43.5 lbs. of Psilocybin, 40 lbs. of Delta 9 THC in multiple forms, 29 weapons, $153,421 in suspected drug proceeds, a moonshine still, a large amount of drug paraphernalia, and documentation and electronic evidence. A total of 90.5 kilograms of various narcotics were seized.

In the Humboldt fitness gym in the front of the building were bottles of anabolic steroids.

Upon entry, agents made contact in the warehouse with Mr. Page. Page was heading towards the marijuana room and the steroid lab. He made a statement that he was going to give himself a shot.

In the lab were items belonging to Mr. Moss and Mr. Page. Mr. Page was armed with a loaded firearm. In the room where one of the marijuana grows was a gun safe that contained several firearms and ammunition, along with a large amount of US currency believed to be drug proceeds. There was evidence where Mr. Moss and Page were packaging marijuana for resale and steroids for resale and shipping them out in the mail.

Mr. Moss showed up on scene and had a loaded firearm in his book bag. In the steroid lab were several fake state IDs from different states across the United States with Page’s picture and several different names, dates of birth and addresses. Along with these IDs were notes where they were used in some type of financial transaction.

Mr. Moss and Mrs. Moss own the building and operate legitimate businesses in the front part, and use the warehouse as storage for their businesses and illegal activities, according to court documents.

“We want to thank Director Carter and our West Tennessee Drug Task Force team members for their work on this investigation,” said District Attorney General Frederick Agee. “This continues to be ongoing investigation that involves not only local and state agencies but also federal agencies. Our office will seek accountability and justice like we try to do in every case we prosecute.”

D.A. Agee said if these charges stick, there could be sentences up to 20 years. If federal charges are filed, there could be additional sentences.
Milan defense attorney, Tim Crocker, is representing Mr. and Mrs. Moss. Both have made bail and released. The newspaper reached out to Crocker’s office, but he said he had no comments about the case at this time.

Mr. Moss’ bond was set at $75,000, Mrs. Moss at $25,000 and Mr. Page at $75,000. At press time, Mr. Page had not retained an attorney and was still incarcerated at the Gibson County jail. Ms. Page was not booked into Gibson County.

Ms. Page was booked into the Madison County jail and made bail.

CONFISCATED – A plethora of drugs, cash, weapons and fake IDs were confiscated when the West Tennessee Drug Task Force raided a warehouse in the old Walmart building in Humboldt. More than 25 law enforcement officers from nine different agencies worked the scene after search warrants were served. photos courtesy WTDTF

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