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Tim Carter has helped others, now he needs help

Tim Carter has helped others, now he needs help

By Victor Parkins

A Milan man that spent a decade helping others in the community now needs our help in return.

Tim Carter, 60, is suffering from Trigeminal and Ocular Neuropathy and Burning Mouth Syndrome. 

For the last three years, Carter has lived with the painful condition, but after seeing dozens of doctors in Memphis, Jackson and Nashville, it was only recently diagnosed by Dr. Roy Schmidt with the New Life Medical Group in Jackson.  Dr. Schmidt finally diagnosed Carter with Trigeminal and Ocular Neuropathy and Burning Mouth Syndrome.

LOCAL MAN NEEDS HELP – Milan’s Tim Carter has been diagnosed by a very rare and painful condition known as Trigeminal and Ocular Neuropathy and Burning Mouth Syndrome.  A healthy Carter (pictured at right), has lost almost 100 pounds and is seeking financial assistance for treatments that his insurance will not cover.  A fund has been set up for Carter at Carroll Bank and Trust in Milan, as well as a Gofundme site at

While the news of the correct diagnosis was great to hear, there was bad news to follow.  Dr. Schmidt has prescribed Carter 40 treatments over a 10 week period with a total price tag of just under $10,000.  Each session will last 2 hours long with IV therapy to regenerate the damaged nerves.  The treatments are Carter’s last option of living a pain free, healthy life.

“There’s only one way to treat my condition and my insurance doesn’t cover it,” Carter said.  “Dr. Schmidt told me if I don’t get all 40 treatments, it will be a waste of time.  I can’t wait much longer.  I’m dying a slow death.”

Carter said he first noticed his condition over three years ago when he started having sharp pains in the corner of his left eye.  That pain and numbness quickly spread to his hands and face and his throat constantly felt like sandpaper.  Before long, the pain had taken over Carter’s entire body.

Because of the Burning Mouth Syndrome, Carter can only eat soft foods like pudding and jello.  The once robust Carter has lost almost 100 pounds and is barely able to perform everyday simple tasks he once took for granted.

“The only time I can get relief is when I’m asleep but the minute I wake up, the pain comes back,” explained Carter.  “I have a strong will to live but I just don’t know how much more I can take,” he said.

A fund has been set up for Carter at Carroll Bank and Trust in Milan, as well as a Gofundme site at

Donations can also be sent to Tim directly at 2110 N. First Street, Apt. B in Milan.  So far, the GoFundMe site has raised about $2,100.00.

Carter is also seeking transportation to and from his treatments in Jackson.

“I can use public transportation some but I’ll pay someone for their gas if they would help me get to my appointments,” Carter said.

If anyone has questions for Carter about his treatments or wants to help with transportation, he can be contacted at 731-487-7206


Contributions to the Bulldogs

A native of Humboldt, Carter moved to Algee Lane in Milan back in 2000, just two doors down from then MHS head coach Jeff Morris.  Carter had a step son on the football team and became an active member of the Quarterback Club.  One day in a conversation, coach Morris told Carter the field house really needed a film room and additional coaches office.

“I told coach Morris one way or another I would help get it done.  I became President of the Quarterback Club and just fell in love with the program.  And sure enough, we got it done.”

The most successful fundraiser Carter organized was a Roast for John Wade Tucker.  The packed house event raised over $20,000 for the new complex that would cost over $100,000.

Carter eventually borrowed the remainder of the money and put his house up for collateral to finalize the deal.

“We sold everything you could imagine to get the money raised and we did it,” recalled Carter.  “When the bank called me to come burn the note it was a pretty good feeling.”

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