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Right to Know – March 14, 2023

Sheriff’s Report – March 6-12

Information listed in the Gibson County Sheriff’s Report is obtained from the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department and printed as is. The Humboldt Chronicle cannot assume responsibility for correcting inaccuracies when information accurately reflects the report. Readers are cautioned that some names published may be similar to or the same as those of other members of the community.

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 3/6/2023 through 3/12/2023:

Tiffany Lucretia Robertson, W/F, 51- domestic assault.

Triana Lamauri Turner-Mackins, B/F, 20- simple possession/casual exchange, driving on revoked/suspended license.

Teresnicia Leigh-Ann Allen, B/F, 33- worthless checks.

Bryan Cody Breezee, W/M, 30- serving time.

Porsha Jeanna Burton, B/F, 29- shoplifting.

Shana Rai Carey, W/F, 38- violation of probation.

Kelvin Lemonte Dorsey, B/M, 28- capias.

Demonze Dantrel’l Dowell, B/M, 20- contempt of court.

Sabrina Marie Ashley Johnson, W/F, 27- capias.

Brittany Lynn Long, W/F, 31- attachment order.

David Mann, W/M, 47- capias.

Jeremiah Jerome Mays, B/M, 33- attachment order.

Mary Ann Milligan, W/F, 42- domestic assault.

Cornelius Marquis Pledge, B/M, 26- bond revoked, hold for other agency.

Robin Nicole Sanders, W/F, 37- capias.

Desmond Darnell Simpson, B/M, 33- manufacturing/deliverings/selling/possession of controlled substance, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities.

Octavious Corderell Thomas, B/M, 26- capias, domestic assault, violation of probation.

Dianna Lynn Bloomgren, W/F, 50- capias.

Benjamin Keith Houge, W/M, 24- simple possession/casual exchange.

Christopher Lee Kaack, W/M, 49- capias, simple possession/casual exchange, slow poke law, attachment order.

Chad Bridger Kee, W/M, 50- arson (structure), aggravated burglary.

Emad Adeeb Alwahany, A/M, 25- criminal impersonation, underage consumption/unlawful sale to minor.

Malik Alexander Dupree, B/M, 26- unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, possession of controlled substance analog, driving on revoked/suspended license, speeding.

Rickey Lee Etheridge, W/M, 64- theft of property.

Naterius Trevaun Harris, B/M, 24- simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, possession of controlled substance analog.

Perrez D’Qurzar, B/M, 31- aggravated assault, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, illegal possession of firearm-domestic assault related.

Alec Omen Leisten, W/M, 19- resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search (non-violent), simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities.

Demario Diaz Partee, B/M, 35- capias.

Brian Lee Powell, W/M, 31- unlawful inhaling, giving, selling of glue, paint, etc. (huffing), driving under the influence, first offense.

Leigha Lynette Larose, W/F, 35- identity theft/use of another’s information, violation light law.

Shana Rai Carey, W/F, 38- theft of property, aggravated burglary, vandalism, immediate notice of accident, failure to provide proof insurance, driving on revoked, suspended license.

Cody Lee Elliott, W/M, 25- attachment order.

Carroll Simon Butler, W/M, 41- sex offender registry.

Jeremy Lynn Goode, W/M, 34- capias.

Hannah Claire Milligan, W/F, 24- violation of probation.

Thomas Lee Toone, W/M, 31- violation of probation.

Kavarsia Deuntez Watkins, B/M, 26- violation of probation.

Roland Bernard Adkisson, B/M, 21- weekender.

Thomas Ray Buchanan, B/M, 26- weekender.

Lakunda Lata Pirtle, B/M, 40- weekender.

Bradley Joe Potts, W/M, 38- weekender.

Real Estate Transfers

Scott Johnson and wife, Amy Johnson to Gary Johnson – Humboldt – $86,292.25

Lisa Helen Bourgoyne Baker, Rene Stephen Bourgoyne, Layne Bourgoyne, Laura Bourgoyne Harmon, and The Garner Family Trust, by Trustee Kevin Scott Garner, to Ben Lovelace and wife, Sarah Grave Lovelace – Medina – $130,000

George L. Baker and wife, Patricia J. Baker to Jordan Michael Fitts and wife, Andrea Taylor Fitts – Milan – $242,000

Frank Warmath, Robert Patterson White and William F. White to John Stegall and wife, Ginger Stegall – Humboldt – $4,000

Harold Dean Arnold to Lavaughn Dowland – Bradford – $150,000

W.F. Jones, Jr. to Jimmie D. Brown and wife, Karen G. Brown – 18th CD of Gibson County – $48,560

Medina Lion’s Club Charities, Inc. to Jason Coleman – Medina – $125,000

Doris C. Neal, Richard Lee Neal and Leonard David Neal, Jr. to Melvenia Rice and Ode Bonner – Humboldt – $195,000

Robert S. McCulloch and Susan McCulloch to Blake Spellings, Alexander Bynum, Jason Hutchison and Johnny Davis – Gibson and Crockett Counties – $1,250,000

Pennymac Loan Services, LLC to Daniela Suset Castelan – Milan – $80,888

Douglas G. Hollandsworth and wife, Linda L. Hollandsworth to Guy Richard Hallock, Jr.  and Adam Anthony Jason Hallock – Yorkville – $12,710.77

Sammy White to Midsouth Trust Group – Milan – $206,000

Samaritan’s Road, LLC to Michael D. Uselton and wife, Sherilyn Uselton – Humboldt – $26,100

Jason Browning and Orlando Browning to Dylan Overcast – Humboldt – $74,000

WV 2017-1 REO LLC to Milan Land Firm – Milan – $98,000

Peggie H. Leach, Amy Carol Dunn and Jodie Elizabeth Scott to Kevin L. Nelson and wife, Beverly V. Nelson – Milan – $369,900

Francisco Elizalde Caldera to Capetillo Rosas Guillermo and Maria Marilu Vega Torres – Bradford – $20,000

Juan Pitones to Capetillo Rosas Guillermo and Maria Marilu Vega Torres – Trenton – $14,000

Thomas Moore, Genevieve Ashford Hodges, Lynda Newberry and Felicia Evans to Praying Hands Rental & Sales, LLC – Milan – $120,851.50

Antonio Burnett to Terrice Warren – Humboldt – $10,750

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to Hunter Smith and Kandi M. Volner – Medina – $471,900

Alvin R. Blackwell and wife, Tina W. Blackwell to Jeff R. Harris and wife, Felicia Harris – Medina – $480,000

John Adkins and wife, Lee I. Trout and wife, Amanda J. Trout – Humboldt – $275,000


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