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Hair stylists, barbers offer free haircuts

by Danny Wade

When it comes to taking care of our own, Humboldt stands tall. Whether it is offering a meal, groceries, donating to non-profits or worthy causes, volunteering, you name it—the good people of Humboldt come through again and again.

This Saturday, local hair stylists and barbers will give back to their community by offering free haircuts to students, especially those in need. Jennifer Crutchfield, owner of The Works Full Service Salon, has contacted other professionals to donate a few hours of their time to participate in this project. Crutchfield will open her salon located at 707 N. 22nd Ave. in Humboldt on Saturday, July 30 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. to offer free student haircuts just in time for the new school year.

Crutchfield contacted other area hair stylists to join in the project and received good response. Others volunteering their time are The Works’ Monica Lovell, Sonya Beene owner of Sonya’s Styles and Smiles, Stephanie Cooper owner of Steppin’ Out Beauty Salon and a few others that are tentatively onboard. They plan to ‘nip (or clip) it in the bud’ when it comes to students needing a haircut.

“Things are tight; money is tight for a lot of families,” Crutchfield said of the reason she wanted to give back to her hometown. “With school starting back, families are buying supplies, new clothes—everything their children need for school.”

Crutchfield said with the rising costs of everything from gas, food and clothing money for haircuts could be at the end of the list when it comes to budgeting and prioritizing where their money is spent.

With these stylists and barbers donated free haircuts, it will help families ‘take a little off the top’ of their expenses as students prepare to ‘buzz’ into the new school year.

There are four workstations inside The Works but Crutchfield said they may bring in another chair or two in order to serve more students. Stylists may rotate from station to station around the salon to whichever chair is available when students come in. This will assure any and all students needing a haircut receive one.

“It’s more than just a haircut,” Crutchfield noted about students’ self-esteem. “When a student walks into the school with a nice haircut, they feel good. If they feel good about themselves, maybe they perform better.”

Someone once said, “Happiness is a new haircut. Never underestimate the power of a good haircut.”

As a bonus, Crutchfield’s daughter, Sophie Lepinski, will be promoting her platform, Queens’ Closet. She will hand out 75 backpacks to students who visit the salon that day.

With the first day of school just around the corner, students will be looking sharp with their new school clothes and shoes. And to top it off, a fresh, clean haircut will have students looking and feeling their very best.

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